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The Princess

by Writingfundimension

Introduction:  The following is taken directly from case files of the Trans Atlantic Paranormal Team.  Based in Maine, the members of the team came together as a result of their own experiences in dealing with the paranormal.  Together, they try to help the victims of Hauntings,  Demonic Infestation and Poltergeist Activity.  Team members are as follows:  Emma Barlow, Luke Carpenter, Mia Langley and Mike Porter.  The technical end of the business is handled by Mike and Luke, with Emma and Mia providing client support.  All are psychic to some degree.  

Brigham, Massachusetts, 1903

The lamps throughout the large suite are all lit and a fire burns in the marble fireplace. Beyond the french doors, garden torches cast long shadows over the manicured lawns and topiaries. Their shadows seem intent on pulling her into the their supernatural realm. Turning away with a shudder, she sits at her night table waiting for the footsteps of her young maid in response to the bell's summons. Where is that blasted child?

A golden glint of light at the corner of her mirror distracts her. Drawn deeply into her reflection, a memory bites at her soul of lying in naked bliss and hearing her lover's parting words, "I vow to return to you my love..nothing of heaven or hell can keep us apart."

Agitated by the unbidden memory, she paces
the room. Picking up the maid's bell, she hurtles it across the room. This time I will make good on my warnings and have her beaten for her insolence. She's no doubt dallying in the parlor, gossiping with the other maids; and enjoying a glass of my expensive claret.

The lure of her jeweled hair ornaments and brushes pulls her back to the dressing table. On either side are portraits of her husband, Jacob, and her young son, Miles. Hidden within a locked compartment of her dressing table is a kerchief belonging to her lover, Captain Jonathon Montague.

Taking a brush into her hands, she begins to count each stroke of it through her hair. The nightly ritual is soothing, teasing a seductive smile at the memory of it spilling about her lover's chest as she straddles him.

Her reverie shatters at the sound of male voices in the hallway right outside the door. Alert to the possibility of danger, she sits perfectly still in her chair. 


The White Lady Inn, Brigham, Massachusetts, 2:35 P.M., March 3, 2010 

"Now gentleman," extending his arm to encompass the early nineteenth century suite, "this was the room of our famous ghost, Princess Marguerite DuBanville. She lived here with her husband and young son who drowned, along with the entire crew, in a ship bound for England. There were rumors that the captain of the ship was her lover; but, of course, we have no proof of that. She became a bitter, reclusive alcoholic; and, eventually, she died of a stroke in that very bed. Because she never ventured out of her room, it was several days before her body was discovered." 

"You will certainly want to set up your equipment here. Some of the more frightening reports are of a lady in white and the sounds of a female sobbing. Though we keep the entry door locked at all times, our maids have, nevertheless, found the door unlocked; and bedclothes strewn about the main chamber. A few maids claim to have felt the presence of a dark energy here and refuse to come into this room to clean it. Even my wife refuses to come in here."

"We sure hope you fella's will be able to capture some proof for our claims tonight during your 'lights out." 

The White Lady Inn, 12:30 A.M., March 4, 2010

"Mike, let's do an E.V.P. session here in the Princess's suite. Some of the claims are of a lady in white and the persistent ringing of a bell along with sounds of a woman crying."

"Princess, we're not here to harm you in any way. Would you mind if we ask a few questions?" 

"Are you the lady in white, the one the guests of the Inn hear weeping at night?

"Are you grieving still for your husband and son or maybe your lover, the Captain?"

"There's a small machine on the dressing table there. All you have to do is stand close to it and  direct all your energy into making a sound into it. The machine is very sensitive and we will be able to hear your voice."

"Are you here with us Princess?"

"Geez, Mike, did you hear that?"

"I did! It sounded like a woman saying, "I'm here Jonathon, where are you?"

"Yes, that's what I heard too. It was so clear! God, I hope we got that on the recorder...sounded like she was standing right next to us."


'Lights Out': Slang for investigating a haunted home in the dark.
EVP: Electric voice phenomenon. A digital recorder which records voices not heard by the human ear. Used by many paranormal investigators.
This case represents a haunting of the type known as residual. The ghost lives within the memories of its life, unaware of their death or changes to the outside world.
Thanks to Snopaw for Arches NP. Great artwork!
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