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Lovable Mugs

by Writingfundimension

An amazing 75% of American pet owners believe their pets are psychic according to a poll conducted by the Associated Press.

No less a prestigious institution than Duke University in North Carolina believes them.  They have labeled this ability ANPSI; and one of their five documented psychic abilities in animals is sensing impending disaster either for themselves or their owners. 

Though I have no way to scientifically prove my personal findings, in my capacity as Animal Communicator I can attest to the ability of animals to communicate information telepathically through simple pictures and words. 

A good example of this was demonstrated by my client Mugs. His owner Dawn called me because she was frustrated by her inability to get to the core of her German Shepherd's behavior issues. Additionally, she had two other fully grown large-breed dogs and two young sons, all sharing a 900-square-foot home.

Beginning around the time Dawn acquired her last dog, Mugs had begun to exhibit aggressive behavior in the form of snapping and biting. Dawn called me for a second opinion because a psychic who specialized in animal communication had informed her that Mugs needed to be 'put down' in order to protect the rest of the household members. 

When I entered the home, I made an assessment based on plain common sense. The three dogs were in cages side-by-side in the small living room of the home. Though the cages appeared clean and roomy enough for the animals; I couldn't help but wonder if Mugs's biting wasn't due, in part, to territorial instincts. I remembered hating sleeping with my two sisters in a single bed as a kid. Maybe he felt the same way?

Dawn appeared to love all of her animals equally and want what was best for them; but with no spousal support, young children and a meager salary, extra expenses were out of the question.  

I suggested that we let Mugs out of his cage so he could sniff me. Head lowered, he walked awkwardly toward me, circled a few times, then went to sit by Dawn. Silencing my thoughts and expectations, I waited for information to come from Mugs telepathically. The information, via words and feelings, came quickly. His spine and back legs were hurting him very much and the snapping and biting happened when the pain was worst.

Excitedly I reported this all to Dawn, "He is communicating with me that his back hurts him very much and that the pain goes down into his hindquarters." Moving to stand next to Mugs, I placed my hand gently on his mid-back area and continued. "This is where it hurts him most."

Dawn blushed and would not look at me. "I have had him down to the Michigan State University Veterinary Center," she admitted, "They told me he has a genetic spinal condition and that eventually it will paralyze him. A surgery was recommended that I cannot afford so I am trying vitamins and homeopathic remedies."

Feeling Mugs's grief and fear, I forged ahead and told Dawn what I felt she needed to hear. "When you got this latest dog and then started talking to everyone about what the other psychic told you, Mugs began to get really panicked. He is afraid that you will have him put down. That is why he will not leave your side for a minute when he is let out. Furthermore, it is obvious that he needs the surgery in order to heal." 

Sadly, the information Mugs and I shared with Dawn made no difference in the outcome. She was forced to make a difficult decision to save her money for her human family and have her pet euthanized.

I would never suggest that an animal be taken care of at the expense of a human being. However, I am urging pet owners to be prepared, financially and emotionally, for all the responsibilities inherent in being 'pack leader'. Your pet relies on you for direction, protection and survival. Once you have properly established yourself as leader, your pet will gladly respect and honor your role; and when you invite them to share their rich inner world with you by careful observation of their behaviors and emotions, you will have earned that respect.

The animal clients I've had the honor of knowing have taught me one thing: Your pet hears your words and knows some of what you are thinking. Be as careful with them as you would be with a young child. And don't be surprised by the little surprises left in your shoes when you are ignoring their needs any more than you would be by a baby screaming when their bottle is taken away.

Know that animals pay a price for leaving their natural wild environments in order to abide with human beings. Zoo keepers report that captive elephants are subject to 'sudden death syndrome' or 'broken heart syndrome' which happens most often with young elephants. They become gripped by fear when they are separated from their social order or put in a new enclosure by themselves.

Mugs was gripped by fear. He felt, and heard, his owner's frustration. He was reacting to the impending disaster of being murdered which he was ultimately unable to escape. And Dawn dismissed my reading of the situation because she did not want to know that her dog was in pain emotionally as well as physically. It eased her conscience to believe that Mugs had to be euthanized because of his uncontrollable primitive instincts.

Willfully blinding ourselves to what is happening in our larger world does not impact one iota the sacred truths of life. Animals share a collective soul with human beings. In order to deliver them from suffering and extinction, and very possibly our own, communication with that shared soul is no longer a luxury; but, I believe, a biological imperative. Animals are alternately lonely, jealous, curious, joyful, disappointed and fearful...all of this and more, they feel. 



Telepathic: Communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means.
Psychic: Sensitive to non-physical or supernatural forces.
Animal Communicator: A psychic who specializes in animal communication for purposes of adjustment and healing.
Information on elephants in captivity taken from When Elephants Weep, by J.M. Masson.
I've learned so much from the writing of Cesar Millan on the subject of pack mentality in dogs.
Part 3: I will explore the ways canines are helping doctors find and treat human cancer.
Thanks once again to ANGEL14451 for Yummer Time.
Some details of the case used above have been changed to protect the privacy of my client including names.
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