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The Grape Ape Who Would Be King

by kiwigirl2821

Once upon a time, in a magical place nestled beneath a majestic mounain range, there was a quaint little town called Valley of  Trees. 

It was one of the most beautiful places in the world with plush meadows overflowing waterfalls spilling into lakes and beautiful flowers in every hue.

Valley of  Trees is a place of  fantasy animals, fairies, trolls, butterflies, birds and all manner of dreams; but, the finest thing of all is trees!  Big trees, tall trees, little trees, fat trees, skinny trees, new trees, old trees, trees, trees, trees as far as your eyes can see.

In this magical place lives a kingdom of apes that have ruled in peace and harmony for more years than all of us have fingers and toes.  Longer even than the time it takes to count all the flowers that grow and that is a long time indeed.

King Alexander and Queen Angelina have the happiest marriage any king and queen could ever dream of, but the one thing they didn't have was a little prince or princess. 

They longed for a baby all their own.  They had so much love to give and wanted so badly to share it with a child who would one day grow up to rule the Valley of Trees.

Then on a glorious morning as the sun came up over the mountain, a miracle happened, and the King and Queen had finally been given that one special gift they had always longed for.  A fine healthy, wonderful little prince!  The palace was overjoyed but, especially King Alexander and Queen Angelina. 

King Alexander climbed to the highest tree in all the land and thumping his chest, the King's roar was heard throughout his kingdom.

"Today is a day of joy.  Today is the day a new Prince has been born."

All the male apes in the Valley of Trees thumped their chests in triumph.  All the female apes screeched and cooed their approval.  After all, the king and queen had been waiting a long, long time for a new Prince to be born.

His name was Prince Alastair which means "defender."  The entire kingdom rejoiced over the new little prince and he grew into a fine healthy ape but, the new prince had a little problem.  He had been born purple!

It never seemed to matter that Prince Alastair had been born purple while he was growing up.  His friends thought it was funny, but they were his friends and just didn't care what color he was.

But when Prince Alastair started school the other apes he didn't know laughed at him and pointed fingers. 
.  I mean, how can any self respecting ape, who plans to rule a kingdom, be the color of a grape?

It didn't seem to matter that Alistair was honest to a fault or that he was clever, quick and keen.  He was smart too; the smartest little ape in all the school!  Alastair helped all the other children with their school work too.

It didn't even matter that he never ever said a mean thing to any of the other apes at school.  Nothing seemed to help the fact that he was purple and that was not the color of an ape!

Even though Alastair was a prince, he always was just another ape at school.  He was adamant about that! 

Alastair Ape knew how to be a friend but, there was still this problem in all the kingdom no one could see past the color of his fur.  The color purple was one the prince came to hate!

Young prince Alistair was willing to try most anything he could think of to disguise his purple fur, anything at all!

First, he wore a black trench coat with sunglasses to be cool.  When he tried to play tag in the trees with his friends, the trench coat was too long and got hung up on branches.  Those sunglasses kept slipping off his face which didn't look cool at all.  

Alastair ended up looking more like the baboons than an ape and nobody wants to be a baboon when you're an ape!

Next,  Prince Alastair tried a bagpipe and kilt saying purple was a royal color and bag pipes were fun to play.  But, with every big wind his kilt flew up.  The girls would all giggle and his mates would groan at the sight.  Surely, a skirt was not something a future king should wear!

One time the prince even used one of his dad's old suits of armor that was laying around the tree castle, but have you ever tried to swing through a tree in a big suit of armor?

No, this purple thing was a real problem for Alastair, no doubt about it.  He simply could not understand why he was the only purple ape in all the land.  It made him feel left out and different.  He wondered if he would ever be a good enough king to rule the Valley of Trees one day like his father.

There had to be an answer.  There just had to be!

to be continued...


Thank you to JHOwie for the use of "Impromptu Portrait"

stay tune to the next installment xoxo Kiwi
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