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a love of my life returns

Two Passing Ships Finally Meet

by harleyangelbrat

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I was only fifteen and so much in love. He was almost nineteen, but my parents adored him. His charm had them captured at “hello.” It was like a fairy tale romance in my mind. I never expected anything to tear us apart.

I met him at a church we were visiting one night and it was love at first sight for both of us. I looked older because of my shape. It didn't hurt to be petite and with long, blond hair and blue eyes. I was petite for the most part, but well endowed, which attracted a lot of older guys. The styles enhanced my shape and always made me feel like a woman.

Craig was tall, dark and handsome. In my eyes, he was perfect. His hair was just the right length for me. Men or boys with a little long hair always caught my eye. He had all of this and the charm of a prince. His smile would light up any room. My friends were envious.

We were together for a very long time and my mother even hoped we would marry. She was willing to sign any paper if it meant I would wed this charmer. I think she secretly had a crush on him herself. I could see a light in her eyes every time he came to our door. This would be the perfect son-in-law to her. She didn't even mind when I sat on his lap, which was usually a no-no in those days.

It was the green-eyed monster that broke us up that day. I had found a letter from this old girlfriend and the jealousy welled up inside of me. He couldn't convince me that nothing happened because someone had seen her kissing him on the cheek. I was on fire and my anger got the best of me.

He left in a rage that night. I could hear pounding noises every few minutes. He only lived around the block from my house, so I knew he was knocking on every sign along the way with his fist. My heart sank when the sounds ended. Deep down inside, I wanted him to come back.

It had happened too many times before. It was either his jealousy or mine that tore us apart and injured our relationship to what I thought was the point of no return. I cried for days, with my mother wiping my tears and trying so hard to comfort me. There was no comfort. I felt like I was dying.

I grieved over Craig for years and I guess my mother didn't want me to be hurt anymore, because what she did within the next several years shocked me. It made me angry at first until I was mature enough to understand a mother's love.

I was about to get married, but had written Craig a letter before. I told him if he still loved me as I did him, he could stop the wedding. I didn't hear from him and continued with my plans. It was to be a beautiful wedding, but it wasn't between two joined hearts. It was an old friend of mine from school. We just decided to up and get married, but my mom wanted me to have a nice wedding, so we agreed.

I hoped beyond my dreams that Craig would contact me and stop me from making one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I even caught my fiance with another girl, but decided to let it go and agreed to marry him anyway. We were both fools caught up in a fantasy plan that we hoped would make our days brighter.

The day came when I was to walk down that long church aisle. My sister was leading the wedding and was ready to give me that little shove on cue. I felt a hand on my shoulder and almost started down the path to marriage with someone I didn't even love.

My mother had kept something from me. Craig had been calling and calling. She must have been trying to protect me or maybe it was the expense of the wedding. I don't know which it was, but when he pulled me to the side and asked me why I hadn't returned his calls, I almost stopped breathing.

“Baby, why haven't you called me?” Craig pulled me in his arms and held me close. I glanced at my sister who was shaking her head and pointing down the aisle. I shook my head, slowly, knowing that this wasn't going to be a highlight in my parent's life. They would be very angry with me, but I couldn't go through with it.

“I didn't know you called,” The tears welled up in my eyes, causing my make-up to run down my cheeks. He wiped them away with his soft, gentle fingers. I heard the music stop and realized that my mother was standing behind us.

“I'm sorry,” she cried. “I should have told you. I just thought I was protecting you.”

I couldn't look at her, at first. My anger got the best of me, but Craig was a kind and understanding man. He nodded at my mother as if he approved of her actions. I just shook my head, taking his hand and walking outside.

The preacher was informed and so was Richard. He seemed more relieved than anything. I hugged him and told him goodbye and wished him all the best. My mother was still waiting to talk to me, but I couldn't get past my anger until I saw the tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I forgive you, mom,”I hugged her. She stared past me to see Craig smiling. He walked over and placed his arms around both of us.

“Why don't you two tie the knot?” My sister chuckled. She was making a joke, but Craig and I took it serious enough. I looked at my mom and she nodded in approval.

We had to usher a few guests back into the sanctuary, but most of them were still waiting. I felt like a princess who had just awaken from a long, deep sleep by her prince. Craig was dressed nice enough. He had planned to attend my wedding as hard as it would have been for him. The wedding was back on.

“You look so beautiful,” he said, as we joined the hands and walked back into the foyer of the church. My sister was beaming and so were my parents. “Well, I'll meet you up front, baby. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

The wedding was so beautiful with my flowing white gown, with tiny white roses extended from the bodice all the way to the floor. The train trailed behind me and my sister had to lift it up so I could walk more easily down the aisle. It was a glorious day.

I later found out that Craig had called many times. I only wish I had been there to answer. My mom thought I was genuinely happy because I had given her that impression. I think deep down she knew, but was afraid that I'd only end up in tears again. I had to forgive her, but it was difficult to forget all the years we had wasted.

We had been like two passing ships. He had even come over when I wasn't there and my mom would tell him I was dating someone and seemed happy. Craig loved me so much that he wouldn't search for me, but that day when he knew it was his last chance, I was so thankful that he decided to show up. It was a dream come true.

Writing Prompt
I want you to start off by telling something that is true and put a spin on it. This could be how you wanted things to end. Whatever. I want you to exaggerate a true story. Your story should be 1,000 to 2,500 words in length. The topic can be whatever you want. Have some fun and remember Mom and Dad won't ground you for this whopper.

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Writing prompt is to tell a true story, but then add a WHOPPER of a lie. The part that is a lie is that he stopped the wedding. He did show up to stop it, but it was too late. We were already married. This happened more than once. My mom never told me until I was married again and had two kids. I was so angry with her. I forgave her eventually, but the hurt stayed a long time.
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