Biographical Poetry posted November 9, 2010

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A Poem For My Dad ...

Eleven Years

by closetpoetjester

Poem of the Month Contest Winner 
Eleven Years ...

I never dreamed about you Dad
On any given day
Til angels pried you from my grasp
And you just slipped away

I always took for granted that
You'd share my joy and tears
To be around forever yet
It's been eleven years

Eleven lonely Christmases
Eleven Birthdays too
Eleven Anniversaries
Since time was spent with you

When Mum divulged the tragic news
That you were gravely ill
One millisecond changed my life
It choked your fight and will

I watched you wither like a rose
Your zest was starved of life
In seven weeks you left us all
Your daughter, sons and wife

Your agony was absolute
Each breath a shallow gasp
Surrounded by your family
You slipped beyond our grasp

Your satin coffin resting place
Was one I could not view
I much preferred remembering
The happy times with you

A swimming pool of tears I wept
And drowned in my abyss
Your passing ripped my soul in two
My friend, my Dad, I'll miss

I'll miss your laugh, your wink, your frown
The stirrer all the while
I'll miss your essence, hugs and praise
But most, I'll miss your smile

I take some comfort in the fact
We got to say goodbye
To watch you draw your final breath
As spirit sought the sky

While memories are vivid of
The day that changed my heart
I treasure quirky parts of you
And read them like a chart:

Your Crown Mints, Quick-Eeze, Licorice
The Capstan cigarettes
Those huge four-colour biros and
Your ink stained shirt regrets

The whizz at maths, the clever puss
That mentored me so well
The handy man, the coin collector
Crappy jokes you'd tell

Your love of reading, drawing, music
Betting on the foals
A Manager in many fields
Accomplishing your goals

The man whose legs wore calipers
From illness in your prime
The suffering and pain you felt
Was never given time

A selfless soul with much to give
There so much more of you
I just can't say it all right here
So portions have to do

No presence at my wedding though
In spirit you would care
That photo with the eerie haze
My proof that you were there

My children never got to meet
Their Grandpa, which is sad
But mummy brags and fills their heads
Of times she spent with Dad

The urn is on my mantel
Ashes scattered by your tree
But I'll admit I kept a bit
So you're still here with me

Eleven years have been and gone
Yet once again I delve
All memories erupting as
Eleven turns to twelve ...


Poem of the Month
Contest Winner


This is the first piece I have ever written about my Dad ...
He passed away 12 years ago. The Anniversary of his death was early October and its now twelve long years.

I actually started writing this a few months ago when it was eleven years ... hence the title.

I just wanted to honour his memory and remember him with this piece ...

Sorry if it is a bit long ... there was so much more to say ...

Thanks for reading ...

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