Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction posted November 2, 2010

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It's Insulting

Sending The Wrong Message

by Thesis

While the politicians shamelessly spent millions and millions of dollars on trying to win a job in Washington, people like Lisa and Nick Aiello are wondering how they are going to afford diapers and formula for their two-month-old son, Anthony, since Nick just lost his job.

I listened with disdain, hearing Linda McMahon spent over forty million dollars campaigning for a senate seat against her rival Dick Blumenthal in Connecticut, who also spent six million dollars. Forty six million dollars that could have been used productively, to save people's homes, feed thousands, or offset the cost of emergency care for those without insurance.

If you add up all the money that was spent by the candidates trying to get into office, it comes to a disgustingly large amount of money that is wasted on self-promotion and mud slinging. I am thoroughly disgusted and angry at the levels they will go to try to discredit their opponents.

These so called "leaders", who want to make a difference, are exemplifying just how much they are willing to pay to promote themselves, at the expense of insulting the intelligence of the constituencies they are wanting to represent.

If government wants to show the American people they are serious about reform, helping the country economically, and getting people to trust politicians, the politicians have to understand that their actions dictate how they are viewed.

All I see is rich people playing. They are not like us. They don't understand what it is to have to decide which bill to pay; if it would be better to let the electric or gas be turned off, or the telephone disconnected. They're not living paycheck-to-paycheck, or unemployed. They are not our peers, so why should they represent us?

It just reinforces the good old rich boy/girl network, where nothing gets accomplished. I had hoped we were beyond that in 2010!


Lisa, Nick, and Anthony Aiello are just characters. They could be you or me. The photo is not them, but used to represent a struggling family.
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