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Dear Friends

by LovnPeace

This may be my last posting. Over the recent years, I often wondered why my spelling was so bad. It was my best subject in school. I found out the answer when I visited my doctor this week. He noticed something while talking with me. My memory was not up to snuff. Of course I knew this for a long time and also know it seemed to be getting worse. He had his nurse give me a couple of tests. One was for memory. I laughed and said...I always pass these. Well this one was a little more involved. He informed me, I am borderline dementia.

I have applied for a scooter because my legs have gotten so weak and painful. The nurse took my blood pressure in three different positions too. This was new to me. It varied in all three positions of sitting laying down and standing. On the last standing one, the pressure was a pretty extreme of low.

When he came back in the room and informed me of the borderline thing, he also told me he believed the alzheimer symptoms, he thought are symptomatic of Parkinson, which he thinks is the cause. I said either way it isn't good. He said, "No, it isn't."

I had mentioned to him when he first came into the room, that something was very wrong and that I am going downhill fast. Besides the memory think and weakness, constant wanting to sleep a lot, there were other things going on.

When I got home, I looked it up on the computer. It said symptoms could start ten to fifteen years before diagnosis. It answered so many questions for me that it was almost a relief. So many things over the years with no answers. Lately things have intensified. Slowing down in many areas for one. I have always been on fast mode. No more. I did all the heavy stuff for my sis. No more. Awkwardness and losing my balance is everyday occurrence and so I got a cane to help prevent more falls. Falls is something else I have suffered a few times this last decade. It all falls in place for me now whether a formal diagnosis is ever made.

My oldest daughter said early treatment can help slow it down. I guess we'll see. I trust my doctor. He is the first to pay attention enough to catch anything.

I am writing this because of the wonderful friends and fans I have. Not many, but who needs a lot when you have such wonderful, faithful ones. I have a very difficult time concentrating anymore. My presence on the site has dwindled and I'm not at all sure how long I will be able to be actively involved. I want my dear souls to know what is going on.

This may seem egotistical to some, but I miss so many of the old crowd and would love to know why they disappeared from the site. That is why I'm writing this. Friends have expressed concern at different times when I have been absent. I think I'm being thoughtful and considerate of their feelings with this writing, I hope. It isn't for pity, as I don't feel angry or anything negative about the situation. I just recently turned seventy, so I am getting older. It is just a part of the life cycle.

I truly love you all and thank you for understanding. You all know I have been very outspoken about my political feelings. I have been that way on my Facebook site also. Someone got angry and hacked into my email. I am going to put my email address in this letter/ essay,as the email has already been compromised/attacked, so it doesn't matter about safety, I guess. I will give my phone Number in a pm, to anyone who might want to call me. I am terrible about having the initiative to call though. I think it is due to the illness, I forget to. LOL :^) Email address is:

Again, I love you all. Multiple Blessings to you. Hey, it isn't so bad. I get to sit down the rest of the trip. Either in scooter, or motorized wheelchair. I'll get a fatter ass though. LOL


Explanation needed here. The reason for the scooter or wheelchair is I'm calcium defeciant and my bones are getting soft...ergo the pain and weakness.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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