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Here's that Fairy Dancer Poem mentioned last night

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Hyping Up the Hike For the Boys

by Xylok

Hyping Up the Hike For the Boys

Sit down children, I'll tell you a tale
of high, high adventure and then
imagine together, as I regale
you all with the story of when
I saw the Fairy Dancer sail
across the canyon's armament...

Well, as you know, I love to cut
my canyon swaths alone,
while searching for 'I don't know what'
through all the snails and stones,
so no one else was there, yes, but
I know my eyes and bones!

I'd just completed tramping through
the staggering, stumbling creek,
when all at once, within my view
imposed a vision nature leaked.
I stared; 'twas all that I could do
as she cavorted with leaves
and mystified the merry, mad moon
that mocked the daytime's heat.

Her hair was ivory, stunning, clear,
and fell upon 'light-eyes'.
She pacified the atmosphere
that felt her floating by.

The canyon shook, with gentle care,
the dew from off the vines,
and all the stars that filled the air
awed, jealous of her shine.

She danced for all existence to see
beneath the canyon's artistry
and there upon the leaves she held a pose,

if only for a moment, then
began to pirouette again
and did a few on each one of her toes!

Where she crossed bright gardens rose,
and all the Earth rejoiced.
Fish stopped swimming, birds just froze -
teeming trees adored her voice
as she dropped tunes that no one knows
and moved in sync to the noise.

Such motion not the mystic sea,
with rage or elegance,
could hope to thrash about to be
as wistful at a glance,
and she moved more than energy
wherever she advanced.

As such it was my luck to see
the Fairy Dancer dance!

I don't know where she's gone to now,
but I believe she's there,
bombarding flowers down below
with shadows and ivory hair,
and wings of sand and simple things
as gentle as the air,
are out there somewhere harboring
her spirit. Now, don't be scared!

Put your boots on boys, let's go!
What if she's out by the falls?
What if she's daring the wind to blow
while you're sitting there slack-jawed?

Let's go, let's go, I think she might be
on down by the creek serenading the trees.

Poem of the Month contest entry


'light-eyes' is meant to imply actual light, as if little stars through which the Fairy Dancer sees just fine ;)

My wife and I have three boys, eight and under, and we live next to a canyon that we visit often.

Fairydancer's cool username inspired this poem, and the pic of a fairy she had up as well at the time, and her latest is cool too!

Thanks for the inspiration on this one Fairydancer.

And here's an oration from my page on where I'm amassing more and more...

Thanks for stopping by! :)
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