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The Sword of Righteousness

An Avenging Angel's Tale

by Thesis

I stood motionless, as the archangel flew deliberately around me. It took all my strength to keep my sword lowered, steady by my side. He was taunting me, trying to get me to make the first move against him. I stared straight ahead, calling on my inner resolve to carry me through this horrific scene.

In a flash, his face was before mine. His blood red eyes were trying to sear their way into my soul. I just smiled. I saw the anger in his eyes. My smile got larger, until it was I who was taunting him.

"You insolent dog! How dare you enter my realm? Don't you know that I could easily condemn you to a life of eternal damnation?" he said.

"Hardly, for there is only goodness in my soul. Unlike you, who have chosen the immortal path of hate, I come only to save those who have been held by you, against their will. It is you, who should fear the blade of the Templar Knight before you."

"I fear no mortal. You are as foolish as you are gullible. Your God will not protect you here. I am in command."

"Think what you will, but I do not fear you."

"Then you shall die as the others before you, and your body shall be cast upon the desert for all to see the true power of Lucifer. Prepare for your death."

I waited until Lucifer committed himself to raising his hand to extinguish my life, and with the righteousness of the Lord, brought my sword to bear on his molten body. I felt the searing heat of my sword as it sliced through his chest, revealing a hollow core that once exposed to air began to unexplainably have a reverse effect of extinguishing the flames of his exterior.

"What have you done? Who are you?"

"My name is of no consequence. I am but the bearer of the sword of God. He takes great offense to your misbehavior, and orders you to return to the fold, or perish upon this day. Also be aware that I am but one of a thousand messengers who have come to end your presence on the earth. Your actions in the next two minutes, will determine your fate."

"I would rather see you burn in Hell, than acknowledge Him."

"It is your choice, albeit it a poor one. You have been offered eternal life, but have chosen death and damnation. So be it."

Plunging my sword deeper into his core, I let it go, whispering: "You have willingly chosen to remain unfaithful. Go now and never encourage sin, forevermore."

As soon as I was finished, Lucifer exploded in a gigantic fireball. The explosion created a searing heat wave and a kaleidoscope of colors, mostly dark, then vanished.

I remained focused on the tiny particles of light that were rapidly extinguishing themselves, until only darkness remained.

I felt an eerie calmness, as I walked back to my horse. With a soothing touch, I steadied my mount and retrieved another sword from the canvas bag, near my saddle. Guided by divine navigation, I rode into the night, to find my next charge.

I awoke the next morning to find my appearance changed dramatically. I was no longer mounted, nor did I have my armor or tunic. I self-consciously noticed I was standing in a beautiful forest, clad only in the skin I was born into.

I retained my memory of my quest and felt the weight of the hefty sword in my right hand. Not knowing whom I was supposed to meet, I kept walking. My exposed feet were sore and cut from the rough terrain.

After a few days of searching, I heard activity in a clearing ahead. Cautiously approaching, my ears picked up on the sound of a soft feminine voice nearby. Following the sound, my eyes were rewarded to the sight of a beautiful young woman, playfully enticing a young man with her charms.

Her long blonde hair, seductive smile, and sparkling blue eyes, captured my heart immediately. In her hand was a bright red apple. Behind her, there was a serpent, whispering in her ear. She seemed to be teasing a man called Adam, to take a bite of the apple.

His protests were weak, as the serpent was whispering in her ear: "Offer him to bed down with you, if he takes a bite."

The closer I got, I could hear Adam, saying: "Eve. It's forbidden. Don't do this. It's wrong."

I watched as the serpent smiled. Immediately, I knew the sword was meant for him. While Adam took the apple from Eve's hand and threw it across the meadow, the serpent slithered toward Adam, just as I ran the sword through its head.

Adam and Eve looked at me questionably. As soon as the serpent stopped hissing, I felt myself being transported once more, my appearance being altered, and my surroundings unfamiliar.

I found myself dressed in a Roman Army uniform, with a sword in my hand, looking for a man named, Judas.

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