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Walter goes to live with his uncle

A chapter in the book Ms. N.O.R.T.

Walter's Good-bye Part 2

by Deejharrington

Tanisha is a sixth grader who has lost her favorite teacher and gained a new friend, Walter. He is a refugee from Katrina. Together they battle three bullies. Now Walter has been found by his uncle.
Chapter Twenty-four "Walter's Good-bye: Part Two

The next few days went by in a blur for me. Like a swarm of bees, the thought of Walter leaving kept buzzing in my brain. I was happy his uncle had found him and was willing to make Walter a part of the family. But I was losing my friend. Could a person be happy and sad at the same time? I couldn't settle my thoughts.

It was affecting my school work. Mrs. Nortamura pulled me aside at the end of the day on Monday. "Is there something wrong, Tanisha? Something worrying you?"

A few weeks ago, I would have blown her off with a smart remark. But I was beginning to like Mrs. Nortamura, just a little bit. Not in the way I had loved Mrs. Seal. But she was a good teacher, in her own way. I thought about confiding my worries with her.

In a rush of words, I spilled out to my teacher all that had been happening the last few weeks. I told about the three bullies and how Walter and I had out-smarted them. Mrs. Nortamura didn't say a thing, just nodded and encouraged me to go on.

"That's about all of it. And now Walter is leaving." I stopped and looked at my teacher.

Finally, Mrs. Nortamura smiled at me. "It is believed in my religion that the seeds of action are how people are judged. Everyone's karma is set by these. Why did you help Walter? Did you gain anything by your actions?"

I guess I gave her a quizzical look and then started to answer. My teacher stopped me. "No, don't answer me now, think on this. When you are ready, come back to me and we will talk more." Mrs. Nortamura gathered her things and walked out the classroom door. She left me very puzzled.

I thought on what my teacher had said the whole way home. When I walked in the door, Big Momma was waiting for me. "Baby girl, you took a long time gettin' home. Everything okay?"

"I guess so. Just got a lot on my mind." I told her as I put my books on the dining room table.

I noticed the house was even neater than usual. "What's goin' on? Are we having company?"

"Lordy, how could you have forgotten? Walter and his Uncle John are comin' over to say good-bye." Big Momma gave me a concerned look.

Before I could answer, the doorbell rang. I froze. Big Momma went and opened the door. In came Walter and a tall stranger dressed in fatigues.

Big Momma was busy welcoming him and shaking his hand.

Walter stood in front of me. "Well, I'm all ready, all packed. We're on our way to Metro airport. We're flying to California, that's where Uncle John's family lives. He's married and got a little boy and girl, twins. They're five years old. Can you imagine? I'm goin' live with them. Uncle John has to go back to Afghanistan for the rest of his tour of duty."

I just listened and nodded. I didn't know how to say what was in my heart. My brain knew it was terrific, wonderful, the best. But my heart was saying don't go. So I said nothing.

"Tanisha, please say you're happy for me. We have to go soon. I don't wanna leave with us like this. Say something!" Walter pleaded.

I couldn't look at Walter. My eyes were starting to get watery. "Sure I'm happy for you, Walter. It's the best news. Good luck."

Walter turned away and then turned back to me. He opened his mouth, like he needed to say something else. He shrugged his shoulders and walked to stand next to his uncle. He hugged Big Momma and thanked her for everything. He promised to write her when he got settled in. He turned one more time to me and then began to walk out the door with his uncle.

I stood rooted to the living room floor. I didn't want to cry and I kinda felt like screaming, too.

Big Momma gave her a stern look. "Girl, if you don't do it now, you'll regret it the rest of your life."

With that I ran out the door and down the front steps. Walter was just about to get in the car. Uncle John was already behind the wheel.

I shouted, "Walter, wait a minute!" He turned and waited till I reached him.

We stood facing each other for an awkward moment. Then I grabbed him in a big hug. "You're the best, Walter. Don't let anybody tell you different. Don't let any of those LA bullies push you around, You hear me? Remember to think positive. are my best friend." With one last hug, I ran back into the house. I couldn't stand to see the car pull away.

Walter wiped his own tears away. "Are you ready to go now?" his uncle asked.

"Yes, now I'm ready to leave." Walter gave one last look at Big Momma standing in the doorway and waved. He got in the car, ready to start his new life.


Walter is really leaving Michigan and Tanisha. She is trying to deal with her feelings of loss and happiness.
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