Supernatural Non-Fiction posted May 23, 2010

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Inquiring minds want to know....

The Unexplained

by Mastery

It was like skidding into a bad dream. There we were sitting in the coffee cafe at Barnes and Noble last week, when we were suddenly hurtled into the twilight zone.

How does one explain what happened? Perhaps you can tell us?


We were biding our time with Starbucks coffee while I worked on my laptop, and my wife perused magazines. We lost track of time but it seemed as if we had been there for over two hours when my wife looked at her watch and asked me what time I had.

I checked the corner of my computer and told her it was 2:05 PM.

"Hmmm," she said. "My watch says the same thing. It sure seems as if it should be later than that, don't you think?"

"Yes," I agreed. "Let me go and check their clock behind the coffee counter." That clock showed it was in fact 5:00 PM.

I returned to the table and told my wife, "Theirs says 5:00. How can that be?"

Turning to three guys sitting at the table next to us, my wife asked,
"Excuse me, guys. Do you have the time?"

They all seemed to volunteer at once, "It's 5:00 o'clock."


Why was it my computer and my wife's watch were the only two timepieces that showed 2:05 PM?

Any ideas? Sure like to hear them before we pitch the watch, toss the laptop and check in at the booby hatch?


Really. Isn't that a bit weird? This article is not intened to be a written masterpiece. We would just like some ideas. Thanks for your input...Bob
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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