Family Fiction posted April 30, 2010

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Jill decides to help her grandmother

A Trip to Grandmother's House

by Readywriter52

Jill stood and debated about what she should do. Her grandmother had the flu, so she couldn’t get to the grocery store. Grandmother wanted her mother to get her some soup and aspirin. However, her mother worked as an exotic dancer at the local gentleman’s club. She wouldn’t be home until the club closed at three in the morning.

Her mother told her to stay home and study, and reminded her that her father would pick her up this afternoon. But how could she let her grandmother suffer. Her mother and grandmother didn’t always get along very well. What should she do? Her mother told her to stay home, but her grandmother couldn’t get out of bed.

She grabbed a few items her grandmother needed and went to catch the bus to grandmother’s house. A thought stopped her. Her father might decide to visit her today. The courts allowed him to visit her on Saturday. Even so, he hadn’t bothered to visit the last couple of weeks. She doubted he would bother this weekend. Her mother wouldn’t return home until well after she got back from grandmother’s house.

When she hopped on the number twelve bus, the driver gave her a strange look. She ignored him because bus drivers made her nervous. She lost herself in her thoughts until the silence made her aware that she was the only person on the bus. Finally, the bus stopped and the driver turned and looked at her.

“This is the end of the line. You need to get off.”

“I’m not at my grandmother’s house.”

“Didn’t you notice the sign? I’m on my way to the garage. You need to get off the bus.”

Jill started to leave the bus.

“Does anyone know where you are? Maybe I should take you to the garage. You can call your parents from there.”

Jill shook her head. Her mother would kill her if she knew she had disobeyed her. She would lose a lot of money if she left her job early. Her boss threatened to fire her the last time her mother left work to pick her up. “My grandmother lives a few blocks from here.”

The bus driver gave her a long hard look. “My fifteen-year-old daughter is just about your age. I don’t think I would want her to wonder around this area.”

Jill lied. “My parents allow me to travel here all the time. I’m perfectly safe.” She quickly got off the bus before the driver could stop her.

She had walked a few blocks when she realized a man was following her. She looked around for a store to walk into but found none. All around her were old dilapidated Victorian homes, and they all seemed empty. While she was looking around, the car stopped in front of her.

The man leaned out and smiled. “Little girl, you seem lost. Can I give you a ride?”

Her mother told her never to talk to strangers, so she walked away from him.

“You’re a rude little girl, aren’t you?”

She turned around and faced him. “I’m not. My mother told me never to talk to strangers. Besides, my grandmother lives a couple of streets over in the blue house. She lives very close.”

“Your mother is very wise. However, I’m not a stranger. My name is Bob.” He reached out to shake her hand, but she stepped back.

“Get into my car. A child of your age shouldn’t be running around the streets. It’s dangerous.”

Jill pulled out her cell phone. “You'd better leave. I’m going to call the police.” When she opened her phone, she noticed the low battery indicator light. The phone flashed off. She had forgotten to charge the battery. How was she going to get out of this situation? She looked around, but there were no other people on the street.

While she was thinking, the man pushed his way out of his car and grabbed her. She tried to pull away, but the man held her tightly. She screamed and bit him on the hand. The noise attracted the attention of the street’s inhabitants. The man only let her go when he realized they had attracted an audience. As she ran off, he jumped back into his car and raced away.

When she stopped running, she realized she had run away from her grandmother’s house. It took her almost fifteen minutes to retrace her steps. She was scared and out of breath when she reached her grandmother’s house.

She used her key to enter the home. She found her grandmother in bed. After giving her a hug, she handed her grandmother the bag with the food and medicine. Her grandmother ate the soup and sandwiches. While she ate, Jill told her about the horrible man she met and the narrow escape.

“You should leave. Your parents will be worried about you.”

“My mother works late tonight, and my father probably didn’t show up.”

“Go, you can’t stay here.”

Before Jill could respond, a man stopped out of the closet. “You’re not going anywhere.” He pulled her to him and gave her a sloppy kiss. “I’ll teach you to respect a man.”

The next time he tried to kiss her, she bit him hard on the cheek. He pushed her away and pulled out a knife. Walking over to her grandmother’s bed, he put it on her throat. “If you don’t cooperate I will kill grandma.”

Her grandmother struggled as hard as she could, but the man easily pushed her down. They all froze when they heard someone enter the house.

“Jill, where are you? Your mother told me you would be here.”

Jill looked at her grandmother. What was her father doing here? How did he know she was here?

Looking angry, the man pulled grandmother from her bed. “Get rid of the man. I have a knife, and I will use it.” The man pulled grandmother into the closet with him barely before the bedroom door opened.

“Hi, what are you doing here? Did you forget I was supposed to pick you up this afternoon?”

Jill shrugged. She didn’t know what to say.

“I know I haven’t kept my word in the past. My trucking job is unpredictable, and they give me little notice before they changed my schedule.” Her big burly father looked like he was about to cry.

“Please, can’t I stay here with grandmother? She’s sick and can’t take care of herself.”

He looked around. “Where is your grandmother?”

She tried to keep the fear from her voice. “She’s in the bathroom. The flu gave her diarrhea.”

“Please, I haven’t seen you in weeks. I had the whole evening planned. You can visit your grandmother tomorrow. I’ll take you here tomorrow.”

“No, I can’t do that.”

He smiled at her. “I understand. I’ll spend my time here with my daughter and her grandmother. Maybe our visit will make her feel better.”

The closet door opened, the man pushed grandmother out and pointed to Jill and her father. “Sit on the floor, or I’ll kill grandma.”

Grandmother turned slightly and elbowed him. Before he could recover, she ran for her life. Jill’s father punched him in the gut then the face. The man crumbled to the floor like a rag doll. Both grandmother and Jill looked at him in amazement.

“I was an amateur boxer in my youth. I guess you never forget it.”

They tied the man and called the police. While they waited for the police, Dad regaled them with tales from his youth. When the police arrived, they recognized the man as a sex offender. They promised them the judge would put him away for a long time.

When mother arrived a few hours later, Jill found out her father had called her mother when he didn’t find her at home. She told him that she probably went to her grandmother’s house. Jill looked fondly at her parents. They probably would never get together again, but she knew they loved her.

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