Spiritual Fiction posted April 22, 2010

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An Angel gets a second chance.

Second Chance

by harleyangelbrat

The day after tomorrow seems only seconds
away when you know it is probably your last
day to see earth. Hosea sat on the very top
of the highest mountain looking down at
everything below him. People looked like
ants and the trees looked like little toy trees.
He wished he could have one more chance,
but that wasn’t possible. He had blown it too
many times.

Hosea begged his Master to give him one more
chance, but that wasn’t going to be allowed, not
after the big fumble he made yesterday. If only he
would've listened to Amos and Gabriel. They
warned him.

“What are you doing way up here?” Gabriella
interrupted his thoughts. She must've flittered
upon him. He hadn't heard her at all. She was real
good at this, but he was new and inexperienced.

“I just wanted to look at all of the people I let down.”

“Oh, Hosea,” She placed her winged arm around his
shoulder. “You'll get another chance in the future.”

“Didn’t you hear?” He turned to face her, his eyes
glistened with tears. “There's no more future here
for me.”

“That is silly,” She made a funny face, wrinkling her nose
and squinting.

“No, Gabriella, you’re not listening.”

“Okay, you have my undivided attention!” She turned,
briefly to look behind her. “Oh, hey Amos!”  Amos had
arrived to watch him sulk. He tried to hide his face.

“I already saw you crying, Hosea…”

“Hush, he has something important to say!”


“When I leave here the day after tomorrow,” Hosea
glanced down at his dangling feet. “I'll never see earth

They both giggled and made a funny snorting sound. He
shook his head and stood up, walking to the other side of
the mountain. They could hear him mumbling as he moved
farther and farther away.

“Hosea, come on, we are just kidding you, tell us.”

The earth will be no more!” He yelled, hearing a slight echo
in the distance.

Their eyes widened and they both sat down with a big plop.
They wondered if he was serious. He was quite the joker, so
they figured he had come up with a good parting joke. They
started to giggle again, but saw how serious his face was.

“Soon, there'll be famine all over the place,” He explained,
moving his arms up and down, pointing in each direction.
“Lots of people will die. The earth will never be the same.”

“You’re lying!” Amos cried. “God never told us that!”

“I guess He didn’t want to worry you.”

“He would've told us first!” Gabriella cried, tears rolling
down her cheeks. “You’re new, why would he tell you first?”

“I overheard it, but He must have wanted me to.”

“Oh, Hosea, it can’t be possible.”

They all sat, quietly, hoping that God would speak to them as
He usually did at that time of night. As the thought crossed
their mind, a loud voice surrounded them like the sound of

“My angels, why are you so sad?”

“Oh, God, I am so glad you’re here,” Gabriella bowed down.
“Please tell Hosea to stop his vicious rumors.” They all were
bowing now.

“Hosea speaks the truth,” God’s voice spoke, tenderly now.
“I have warned the people through many servants and prophets.
They refuse to heed my warnings.”

“Can’t you please let us try to tell them?”

“No, Gabriella, the time is upon them.”

“I promise you, Dear Lord, I’m not trying to question you,” She
cleared her tiny throat. “But, these people have been through
so much lately. They've had tornados everywhere, volcanoes
erupting in strange places, and tsunamis left and right. They need
a little break. Then, they will listen.”

“I am afraid not, my sweet little angel,” God’s powerful light grew
brighter as He grew closer. They could feel his warmth all around
them. “I know all of you have worked hard and you will be rewarded,
but the time has come for the end to begin.”

The mountain was covered now, far and wide. There were angels
gathering all around, some higher and some lower on the mountain.
They all looked sad and forlorn. God radiated his love to them, wanting
to comfort their woes. He knew this was a tough time for them.

“Lord, if we change their minds in the next couple of days,” Hosea
pleaded. “Will you give them another chance?”

“The hour is upon us,” He said, more loudly. “It is time for Jesus to
unite with his bride.”

“Jesus is getting married?” A tiny little angel named Angela asked.

“Oh, my littlest angel, it doesn’t mean a bride as a husband and wife,”
God chuckled. “You didn’t read the scriptures like you were supposed
to.  Remember that earthly song in the church you were residing in?”

“Oh, yes, let me think,” The tiny angel pursed her lips and put a finger
to the side of her head. “Jesus, go and get your bride, today’s your
wedding day.” She sang a part of the chorus.

“Do you remember now?”

“Oh, yes, Lord,” She smiled. “The saints are the bride of Jesus and
the Wedding day is the Rapture. He takes the saints up with Him.”

“He will appear in the eastern skies,” Hosea quoted. “I wish I could
be here.”

“Do you?” God questioned.

“Oh, Lord, more than anything.”

“And is it for your usual shenanigans?”

“No, sir,” He shook his head. “I have finally seen the light. I want
to help as many people as I can before that day arrives.”

“Then, my angel, you have finally passed the test.”

Hosea’s face lit up and he could feel his wings warming up and
a light shone all around him. “You mean, I made it?”

“Yes, you sure did,” God’s smile radiated so brightly that some
of the younger angels had to shield their eyes. He relayed to them
their wisdoms for the evening and prayed with each one. Time
seemed to stand still now for Hosea. Gabriella and Amos were glad
that he would be staying.

As God leaving, they watched the stars grow brighter. Then, the
further he moved away, the dimmer they became. They all talked
about the big day and how hard they needed to work. There were
rules to follow and that would be the hardest part knowing that they
only had a short time left.

“So, Hosea, what’s your strategy?” Gabriella asked.

“I don’t know yet, but I need to go back to my first assignment and
try again,” he flew away, leaving the dust flying. Within minutes, all
the angels were gone and the mountain stood alone.

The Day After Tomorrow contest entry


Many thanks to VisionaryPoet777 for the use of the artwork called "Ask And It Shall Be Given."

The warning signs are real. Watch the news and read the newspaper. The signs of the times are everywhere.
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