Letters and Diary Fiction posted April 20, 2010

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A letter from an abandoned child ...

Dear Daddy

by closetpoetjester

Dear DaDDY,

I am whiting this letta to ask you to PLEASE come home.  I wote it in big letters.  That way you would know it was impawtent.
I just found mummy on the flaw again and this time there was blood DaD.

Last time when I found her she had eated lots of liddel white lollies and left them all over the barfroom floor. I tried some but they tasted yukky. They made my tummy saw too.

I hope I'm not in trouble but I got sick everywhere.  I tried to clean it up but theres no towels left in the cubbid.

I askt the nice lady next daw if she could take MumMY to the hospiddle again and she helped me get muMmy in her car and off to see the DoctoR.  She said somefing about needing some more straws cos she was on the last one.

He fixed her good I fawt and she pwomist me that she would never ate them pills anymore.

She pwomist she would not leave me by myself for any maw than two days. That is good cos I am having twubble weeching the hot water tap in the shower.  I got a chair to stand on though.

I also had some twubble getting my toast out of the toasta. I know you said dont use a knife so I used a fawk.

Was that okay?  I did good didn't I?

Thing is when I did stickded the fawk in I heard a big noise and now I cant get the lights to work. Does that mean its night time evewy day now Dad?

Mum has lots of blood Dad.   I asked her if she wanted a drink of warta but she didnt arnsa.  I would have even got that stinky stuff she keeps right by her bed but all five boddles were empdee.

I just don't think she wants to wake up.  I think she must be having a willy long dream.  Or paps she just needs a big west like I do sometimes when I have had a big play. 

But I am a bit sked of all that blood DaD, so I havent twide to wake her up for awhile.  I counted how many times the sun came up befaw it went dark all the time and I counted faw of them.  Does that mean its too late?

Should I go get the lady next daw or not?

I thought maybe if I wote you, that you could make MumMy better after we wipe up all the icky blood.  Cos the doctor couldn't willy fix her Dad.  He didn't willy fix her at all.

I hope you can cos she is gettin a bit smelly and I think she needs a shower.

She also needs to go for a walk.  I think and that might help unstiff her arms and legs.

DaDDY Please come home soon ... I willy need some help here.

Dad I need you.

Dad? ... 

Through the eyes of a child writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a short story (100-500 words). The story must include a child's perspective of an object or situation. The story may be told from the viewpoint of the child, or an adult.


A sad story of an innocent, abandoned and neglected child in every way possible.

I just made it with I think a 495 word count.

All slang, abbreviations and typos are fully intentional for the context of the piece.
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