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The Sanguine Interlude

by jlsavell

The radiant moon advanced without a sound
Claiming its throne to cast its allure afar
For this eve where interred souls are bound,
they'll arise to hunt beneath this spellbound star

A curious stroll in the witching hour's grace
Two lovers enthralled by the potent twilight,
walked hand in hand in a slow cautious pace
daunted, yet thrilled with the unnerving dark night

A brisk breeze rustled past the courtly oaks' boughs ,
creating a moaning sound that chilled the spine
The night owls serenaded the lone wolf's growl
Off in the distance shrill utterances seem to pine

The bold lovers held tight, too startled to talk,
for deep in the black forest, golden eyes glared
Suddenly gnarled dark shadows began to stalk
Then a whisper so chilling, the lovers grew scared

"Who dares to tread upon my claimed domain
Tell me, young reckless lovers, have you no fear?
This curious stroll might justify your bane
Tell me now young lovers, for I draw near!"

The visage of the moon turned a smokey hue
as the stars receded in their black velvet sphere
A dirged chant wailed in pain, the iced winds blew
Howling wolves circled about, the oaks began to jeer 

The lovers stood transfixed, frozen from horrid fright
A tall gaunt figure appeared at the bend in the path
Approaching, he seemed to float in ghostly flight
The nocturnal forest chortled in heinous laugh
"Immortality's prince has risen to take a soul
To the world, young lovers, you can never return
For you dared to taunt fate in curiosity's stroll
Beware young lovers, his vile hunger you churn!"

Frightened, they stood before this dark veiled stranger
Wearing a cloak, the blue moonlight shadowed his face
But his wielding presence seeped more than danger
A charismatic draw that fused them in their place

He began to speak with a thunderous voice
"Such young tender lovers, rapture taunts the night
Your blood courses like fire, you give me no choice
but to take the virgin princess from her knight."

In mute retreat the young man bowed to his knees
His fair maiden fell into the stranger's trance
Song of the Reapers blared through the forest trees,
and all the woodland's living dead began to dance

This mystic stranger pulled her in a tight embrace
Her lithe body stirred with sexual desire
She pulled him closer to her delicate face
Then offered her blue blood veins that coursed with fire

The fair maiden took a deep breath,then sighed
While her knight turned away in anguished despair
His yellow cowardice could not be denied
as the forest looked on with condemning glare

The evil prince gave a resonant laugh, then hissed
Searching her dainty neck for life's throbbing pulse
He then groped her breast, while he savagely kissed
Violently she started to writhe and then convulse
Greedily and fiercely, he siphoned her soul
She begged for release, yet breathlessly screamed "more!"
In that weighty moment, her life force he stole
He, sate with spirit; she, in death, now his whore
Into his strong arms the lifeless maiden fell
The forest grew quiet and the brisk winds stilled
Moon-bright turned crimson, black clouds began to swell
Thunder rumbled rage, as profuse rain rilled

The cunning villain commanded the knight to listen
"Stand, faithful servant, predator of virgin blood
Take her to my crypt while the moon still glistens,
before the angry water rises in mourning flood

You've done well servant, you'll be rewarded so
Take her now! Guard her body till I return,
for this demon's hallowed eve will soon go
 I must feed more, before the moon's tides turn."

The servile knight held her to his breast and wailed
Since youth he pledged this master's servitude
Fetching a fair maiden once a year, so he assailed
Bringing his true love to his master's Sanguine Interlude

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