Commentary and Philosophy Science Fiction posted October 2, 2009

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About the poems from Kingsland with his permission

He Comes On From Another Universe

by tony bronk

" Three, Two, One ... Blast off!"
I don't understand where or what
Is going to which place, unless-
It's a forlorn or a very busy place
That only you ... Could ever understand?

"Spin the ribbon round, gravity bound."
I'm lost once more, to finding which door
That opens to the underground of your mind,
That spins around from hither and there, or
Scatters like mad to places and distances afar.

You speak a language of your very very own.
I've asked, almost pleaded, for you to come clean.
Where are you coming from, and just where are your
Sources of information initiated from, but no,
You always insist, that they come from just your mind!

But, isn't your mind a part of the universe?
Involved and influenced regardless of your denial?
Can't it be true that you just don't apprehend
That the universe' influence is far greater than ...?
That it teaches you anyhow, whether you want to concur?

If your insistence continues and turns out to be true,
Then I give to you all the credit, that is, the credit
That is due, for being so innately wise and so damn in tuned.
For us mere humans need books and mentors to teach us astute ways,
In order to know, during our search for what is considered ... True.

So don't play games and be hiding the facts,
That in all actuality, you hold two PhD's.
One in Physics and the other in Eastern Philosophy.
For if that turns out to be so, and if I ever find out ...
I'll expose you for the genuine intellect, that you truly are!

What I Really Mean is . . . contest entry


This is the "What i really mean is ... contest. I first asked Kingsland if it was alright if I used his poem, which in this case is titled Universal Hazing, and if I could also mention his name. He gave me his blessing on both. It is totally free verse with no particular anything form and i'm not certain how humorous it really is either? I just can't understand how he comes up with this stuff in his poetry without, as he claims, not reading barely anything about physics or philosophy. We have had discussions about this. Thank you. Tony
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