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Jean suffers the affects of Sadie's visit

A chapter in the book Sadie's Place

Love and What?

by Deejharrington

"What? Ready to leave? Don't you dare go now!" Jean yelled, stamping her foot and her arms akimbo. " How did I get involved in this? Sadie! Sadie? are you there?" Jean asked in a pleading tone.  There was no answer.  Only the crickets and night sounds came to Jean's ears.

"Oh, damn" sighed Jean.  " I guess she'll tell me how I'm supposed to accomplish this miracle when she's ready.  For now, ladies," Jean said as she gathered a cat under each arm," its time for beddie-bye." The three of them stumbled off to bed.

The wolf gave a last mournful howl as they got ready for bed. H and D stiffened and made growly noises. Jean looked toward the window and said, "Oh, be quiet Grady!"


Too early the next morning a persistent knocking at the front door woke Jean.  She opened one eye to very bright sunshine streaming in the window. The pain that followed made Jean grab a pillow and slam it over her face.  "My eyes!, Oh my eyes.  I'm blind!"  Even that whisper made her head pound like the inside of a brass bell.

"Oh-My-God! I'm dying. What did I do to deserve this?  Last night . . . I? . . . she . . . "  Jean moaned very quietly.  Then it all hit her memory like a sledge hammer.  "Sadie. Jack Daniels, a wolf and more Jack.  Oh, why did I let her talk me into. . . .  wait a minute." Jean sat up in bed.  "Sadie said something about ready to leave this earth.  But it some how involved me and I don't like the sound of that."  Jean started to shake her head, but changed her mind.

The pounding resumed, interrrupting her thoughts.  "All right, all ready, I'm coming.  Hold your shorts . . . "  Jean swung the door open.  She pulled her robe together and swayed a little as she got a look at who was on the other side.

William stood there with a thermos and a greasy paper bag.  " Good morning, we have to stop meeting . . .  what's wrong?  Are you sick?"  His smile turned to concern as he got a good look at Jean.

Closing the door, Jean grabbed the thermos and mumbled, "very wicked hang-over" and then something about Sadie and Jack.

Opening the cap, Jean took a tentative sniff.  Discovering the healing scent of coffee, she smiled for the first time.  "Bless you William, you're a saint."  She drank straight from the thermos mouth.

William walked into the kitchen looking amused.  He began the makings of a "back-up" pot he was sure she would need.  "You? You were drinking last night?"  William asked with a touch of jealousy.

Between sips of the "elixir of the dawn", Jean tried to explain.  "I was drinking Jack, not with Jack, Jack Daniels straight up."  She gave a shudder at the nauseous memory.  she added very quickly and under her breath, "Sadie started it."

"What did you say?  Was Sadie moving things around again?"  William laughed at the idea.

Jean shook her head no, but didn't say a word.

"Flipping the lights off and on again?"

Another negative shake of her head.

"Well, then she must have poured it down your throat."  William laughed then stopped when he looked at Jean's face.  "What?" he asked truly perplexed.

Jean held up one finger motioning for him to give her a moment.  She finished off the coffee and checked on the still dripping new pot.  She grimaced as she peeked into the greasy bag of donuts.  Opening cupboards, she began her hunt for aspirin.  After she swallowed a couple, she told him "Sadie paid me a visit last night. Oh, and Grady, too."

William said nothing, didn't change expression or move a muscle.

"Don't you believe me?  This hang-over is damn enough proof for me."  Jean raised her voice then winced in pain.

"I thought it was a dream . . . "  William murmured.

"What did you say?  Dreamed what?", demanded Jean.

He grabbed the mugs and the pot of coffee and herded Jean into the living room.  "You're going to need to sit down to hear this one.  I wasn't going to even mention it 'cause I thought I'd dreamed him talking to me.  But if Sadie came to you, then I guess Grady . . . "

" You might as well spit it out. After getting shit-faced with a pushy ghost with a plan, I'd believe just about anything." Jean plopped in a chair and faced William.

" A plan? Sadie told you about the plan?" He seemed surprised.

"No, Sadie would only tell me she was ready to "move on",  Jean made bunny ears with her fingers. "And that it involved us, some how, some way."

William sat across from Jean and looked her straight in the eye and said, "Grady told me the whole plan. He and Sadie cooked this one up. They're convinced its the only way they can move on together."

"Well, come on. How bad can it be? Do they want us to promise to take care of the cabin? Sign some heavenly contract?" Jean giggled nervously.

" In a way, yes. They are sure the only way they can move to the 'great beyond' is for you and me to . . .  for us . . . together . . . to fall in love and get married." William rushed the last part of out then sat back to see Jean's reaction. He didn't have to wait long.

Jean stared at William as if she hadn't heard right, then the explosion came.

"No way, no how! There's not a chance in hell or heaven! It's not about you, don't take it personal. But, been there, done that, bought the damn T-shirt!" Jean shouted as she paced around the room.

Jean turned to face him and said plainly, "William, I was married for twenty long years and survived a nasty divorce. I made a promise to myself the day it was final. I would never, ever get married again, period.


Jean is paying the price for a visit from Sadie, Grady, and Jack Daniels. William arrives in the morning, unaware of he is about to be involved in a heavenly intervention.
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