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Bully Number 1: Plan Accomplished

A chapter in the book Ms. N.O.R.T.

One Down, Two to Go Away

by Deejharrington

Chapter Twelve: "One Down, Two to Go Away"

By 3:30 the next day, I was jumping out of my cocoa colored skin.  I had to know what was happening at lunch.  Was Brianna pulling it off?  Did Walter remember to go to lunch and stick with her? Where are those two? If one or both doesn't show up in the next five minutes, I'm gonna ... Just then the door bell rang. Talk about being saved by the bell.

I had barely gotten the door unlocked when in barreled Walter, Brianna, and three other girls from our class.  The whole gang was talking all at once.  They were loud, laughing, and I couldn't understand a dang word.

Walter and Bri were huggin' and giggling.  I figured that was a good sign.  I tried to get Walter's attention, but Bri would interrupt and they would both fall apart laughing like they'd lost their ever-loving minds.

Suddenly a whistle pierced the air. I knew that sound. It could make dogs twitch for miles. Yep, when we all turned around there stood Big Mama with two fingers in her mouth.  When she took a deep breath like she was goin' do it again, we all covered our ears.

"Now that's better," Big Mama said.  "What are you magpies crowing' about? Y'all are loud enough to bother old Mr. Johnson next door and he's deef as a post.  What in the world is goin' on?"

Bri  and I looked at each other.  She knew better than to blurt out what we'd done in front of Big Mama. But Walter didn't have a problem with it.

"Big Mama, we did it!  With me thinking all positive energy and such, Bri and the girls giving him a little extra push. We did it.  He left school and he ain't never coming back. Antoine is gone! He ain't never gonna bully another kid at our school!"  Walter stood there looking all proud and outa breath. 

Big Mama was speechless for a second.  She gave me and Bri "the eye" and sat down in her chair.  "Maybe you had better start at the beginning"  she said to Walter.

The rest of the group took that as their cue to jump into the gossip pool.  Big Mama would have none of that.  She let everybody know how this was gonna go down, her way!

"You, you, and you, go on home. I'm sure yourn Mamas are waitin' for you." 

The three girls from school walked out the door not saying a word. But each gave Walter a little finger waves good-bye. Interesting.  What was up with that?

Big Mama put her complete attention on us.  She just stared, looking from me, to Bri, to Walter, then back to me.  She didn't say a word.  She didn't have to, Walter broke down first.

"Big Mama, they did it all for me.  If'in those boys hadn't bullied me that first day, none of this would have happened.  Then me making all that positive energy pushing Antoine outa' here.  He didn't have no choice but to leave school." Walter said all this in one big breath.  He sat there gasping for air, all red-faced and sweaty.

Big Mama looked a little dazed and confused.  She told Walter to go get a drink of sweet tea from the fridge.  I knew she just wanted to talk to Bri and me alone.

After Walter had left the room, Big Mama turned her "truth glare" on us.  I didn't want Brianna to take the fall for me.  I was the one who had gotten her tangled up in this hot mess.

So I started at the beginning with the three bullies at school scaring Walter with that fake Katrina stuff. Then I told her about trying to teach him the positive thinking shi ... I mean stuff, to help build up his self-esteem and I ended with how I talked Bri into helping the whole thing along with some positive action.  That's where I stopped the sorry story to take a deep breath.

I got a big surprise when Big Mama said, "Girrrl, I knows all that. I wants to know if the plan worked today at lunch?"

You coulda' knocked me flat with a feather. All I kept thinking was, She knew! All this time Big Mama knew what we were planning.

The shock must have showed on my face 'cause Big Mama sucked her teeth and said to me "Honey, you plum forgot who you was dealing with.  Not know what's going on in my own house?  You must be foolin' yourself. Baby, there ain't nothing going on in the whole city of Pontiac that I don't know about. Humph, who do you think you're dealing with, some senile old lady?"

Bri and I must have looked like twin cat fish, just waiting for the hook.  Walter walked in just then, gave a us a funny glance and sat back down.

"Walter baby, tell Big Mama what happened at lunch today?" she "sweet as honey" asked him.

Walter looked up kinda startled.
I was going to try and stop him from falling into her "Baby, tell Big Mama" trap.  Having been there a few times myself, I knew it was as sticky as cotton candy and just as hard to resist. But I thought, Walter's a big boy, he'll learn better for the next time. Kinda cruel, but what can I say, I'm not completely reformed. Plus I still hadn't heard exactly what had gone down. I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Walter got a big grin on his face. " Big Mama, it was down right amazing.  For weeks now I've been visualizing Antoine would stop bullying and leave everybody alone.  But I didn't know Bri has been doing the very same thing!"

I exchanged a look with Bri. That's how she explained it to Walt. Snap! She's good!

Big Mama gave him a "go on" nod of her head.  Walter looked clueless and said "That's it, now Antoine's goin' to a school just for bad kids. I guess he was already on probation and his P.O. was in school today.  Bri and I made it all happen just by asking and believing, and then we achieved it!"
Walter was so geeked, he tried to high-five Bri and missed. I gave Bri a weak smile.

Just then a car honked its horn from our driveway.  Walter looked out the window and said "It's Mr. Washington. He's here to pick me up. See you guys tomorrow. Thanks again Bri, See ya, Tanisha. Thanks for havin' me over, Big Mama, Bye."

With a slam of the door, Walter was gone. We were all alone with Big Mama.

Big Mama gave me and Brianna a look and said "Yes, I believe I'll ask and I'd better receive the truth.  You young ladies visualizing what I'm saying?" She made her point with a sharp finger in each of our faces.

Both of us said "Yes, Ma'am" without hesitation.

Bri started by explaining how she had no use for Antoine because he was always sniffing around her.  She had made it plain and clear to him, she wanted nothing to do with his "skanky black behind,"

But about a month ago, Antoine had cornered her in the library after school. He wouldn't take no for an answer, insisting she was just playing with him. Just when he put his hands on her, the librarian walked in. Antoine told Bri they would "pick up on this later" and left the library.

So when I called her with my plan for getting rid of Antoine, she was down with that.

Big Mama didn't say a word. But her face said it for her. She didn't tolerate any man, young or grown, abusing women.  She nodded her head and I picked up the story from there.

I told Big Mama how Bri and the other girls had been busy all day spreading the gossip that Bri had had a change of heart. She wanted to get with Antoine in the worst way. He was to meet her in the cafeteria so they could make plans for later.

By the time Antoine got to lunch, he was all puffed up like a peacock and strutting like he was king of the school.

He came over to where Bri and Walter were sitting, slid in next to her and put an arm around her. He said he was so glad she had "wised up" and she wouldn't regret it.

With that, Bri shoved his arm away and stood up. In a very loud voice, and she can be very loud,  asked him if he had lost his mind.  She would never even consider going anywhere with a loser like him. Bri proceeded to tell anyone within the sound of her voice what had happened in the library and how her Mama was thinking about calling the police on him.

Antoine started yelling at Bri, calling her a "tease" and a whole lot of nasty names. He told her she'd better watch out because he was going to finish this.

What he didn't know was that his P.O. was standing right behind him and heard the whole thing.  Before anyone could blink, he had Antoine in handcuffs and was hauling him out of the school.
Bri heard later that this kind of thing was what had gotten Antoine in trouble before. He had been on his last chance, and he had used it up.

I stopped talking and nobody said a word for a long time. Big Mama seemed to be thinking it all over. She nodded her head once and said she was going start dinner. She told Bri if she wanted to stay, she should call her mama.

The two of us let out the breath we hadn't realized we'd been holding. We were going to be OK. One down, two more to go, away.


The plan for Antoine is put into action with surprising results.
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