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Very angry explicit and abusive poem.

A chapter in the book The Flower You Once Held

Kill Y'a I Should!

by Laidy

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
Kill Y'a I Should

This is for the man; how he messed up my life
Tryin' to be my partner, I see him again, I be sure to give him the knife.
He ain't someone I need to respect, ain't someone I need to show some of my love.
Yo, you was my dad, what the fuck was you thinking of?
All them times you didn't even use the fuckin' glove;
Why did the baby have to die? It probably would've been my only love.
Abusive and neglective; some things in life you can never have changed.
You left my mom, and then you crossed over, you passed the damn range.
Messed me up; takin' me to bed, you took the pillow and covered my head.

Becoming a conststant; I kept it to myself.
Realizing, I didn't have anyone, no one out there to lend me some help.
Misery; I cried myself to sleep, wishing that it could be the last time:
I close my eyes, silently; I'm starting to weep. Keeping it inside,
thinking of all the fuckin' lies. Believing them 'cause I was lookin' deep,
Tryin' to see the trust I once felt. It used to be your eyes...
You telling' me silently that this was my secret, I must internally keep.
A touch and a kiss, A good night hug I always wished I would miss.

I don't blame the blind, for in them I feel the happiness.
I don't want a look, or a glance, or a small show of pity;
'Cause those people, they think they be helping me,
but they just be makin' me feel dirty, makin' me feel all shitty.
I'm my own person, I need no one to tell me how to be me.
'Cause years later, this is just, I'm filled up with all of this anger.

I'm lost and trying to find myself,
I'm pullin' back the trigger; it's your life that's suddenly gone.
I'm setting myself up, it'll be no more then a misdemeanor.
It's not gonna be me standin' behind bars, I'm gonna cover my tracks,
My people payin' off the guards. Ain't goin' to jail- 'Most Wanted';
Snitches opening' they mouths so they get a lesser charge.

Ain't none of that shit real important to me,
Look through my perspective and straight into my personality;
He was suffering so I set him free. I left his house as a passive chick,
now I'm rollin' with the gangs; hard as fuck, but I don't even gotta dick!

So man, you better watch out, 'cause you gonna see what I'm really about,
Ain't talkin' shit so don't have a single doubt,
you ain't gonna have time to let out a single shout.
I'm walking away my anger suddenly on a different route,
Closin' my eyes 'cause now I know I'm gonna sleep good,
I'm sayin' no good-byes, and I didn't even have to grow up hood!
Turn the fuckin' time back; only if I could
'Certified Sex Offender', kill y'a I should!


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This Poem was edited for publishing. America was not ready for the crudeness of my voice, so still it has not been printed. But here is the original

Explicit Language!!!

Explicit Language!!!!!

Kill Ya Ass I Should!

This is 4 da nigga, how he messed up my life,
Trying to be my partner, I see him again I
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