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Tanisha takes Walter to Big Mama's house

A chapter in the book Ms. N.O.R.T.

Big Mama's

by Deejharrington

Chapter Five: "Big Momma's"

We needed to find somewhere quiet and away from everybody.  Some place I could explain to Roger, I mean Walter, what was going to happen next.  More important, I needed to figure out what I was going to do next.  The only place I could come up with was Big Mama's house.  She's my mom's mama and my best friend.  She always knows what's going on and she can keep secrets.  Plus she makes the best mac and cheese in the whole city of Pontiac.

I pulled Walter up from his seat and told him, "We're going to Big Mama's."  Walter took one look at my face and knew not to argue.

As we started walking down Franklin Road, I told him we'd stay there until we could decide what to do about the bullies.  "But" Walter whined ,"I still don't know why we have to do anything!  Can't we just leave it alone?"

I didn't bother to explain again about how bullies never 'leave it alone.'  Anyway we were at Big Mama's.  She was sitting in her chair on the porch.  As we walked up the front walk she spoke to me, "Girrrl, what kinda mess is you in now?"

Big Mama looked at us over the top of her glasses.  I've known that look since I was a baby.  It said, I already know the worst, so you might as well tell me the whole thing.  So I did.

I started with Ms. Nort and ended with the thing in the locker room with Walter.
Big Mama rolled her eyes to heaven and whispered, "Sweet baby Jesus."  She pushed herself up from her chair.  "Well, you better just come on inside,  I don't want the nosy Lucinda across the street seeing us gabbing' here on the porch."

Big Mama herded us through the screen door, into the the kitchen, and put us in seats at the kitchen table.  Every important decision was argued at this table.

After Big Mama got us settled with cold glasses of sweet tea, she looked at me and asked, "What are you gonna do about school and your momma? She's been calling all over Pontiac look'n for you.  You can't hide here forever."

I took a big sip of tea.  I had gotten so caught up in Walter's drama, I'd forgotten about my own.  I knew I had to talk to my mom.  I was probably kicked out of school for what I did.  Maybe Ms. Nort had even called the police on me.  Oh, man. This was bad.  Well, I sometimes talk before I use my brain.  I may make a lot of dumb mistakes but I'm no chicken.  "I guess I'd better call her right now" I said with a big sigh.

I dragged myself to the phone on the wall and slowly punched in my mom's  cell phone number.  "Please let it go to voice mail, please let it go to voice ma....oh, hi momma, it's me.  Yeah, I know I shouldn't have run away.  Yeah, I should have called you.  Yes, Momma, I know you don't need any more problems. I know how important my education is!"  I guess I put a little too much sass in my voice.  Because for the next few minutes I got an earful of how I don't appreciate what I got, how I'm gonna end up alone, stuck with a kid and working a job for minimum wage. I know I'm no angel but Momma made me sound like some kinda chocolate Brittany Spears. Come on now.  Just once couldn't she listen to me and my side of things?  She always believed what other people said about me.  I could have used a little support right now.  But I should have known it wasn't coming from her. 

I was still tuning out until I heard Momma say something about a two week suspension from school and a parent/teacher conference.  I started listening again as Momma complained how she couldn't take time off of work to watch "my silly behind" all day.  She said I was just gonna have to stay right there at Big Momma's for the next two weeks.  That maybe washing Big Momma's floors and walls might get me a new attitude.  Which according to my momma, I needed yesterday.

Finally, something was going my way! Two weeks at Big Momma's, no school, great food, and time to plan "Walter's Revenge."  I couldn't have arranged things better myself.


Tanisha takes Walter to her grandmother's house. Big Momma seems to have been expecting them. Tanisha calls her mother and learns her fate.
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