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Tanisha and Walter are working together

A chapter in the book Ms. N.O.R.T.

The Plan

by Deejharrington

Chapter Four: "The Plan"

I don't know what Walter expected from me, but what he got was an order. "Let's go beat some bully- boy butts!"  I grabbed his skinny arm and dragged him up off the bench and back to school.

Roger was frozen and started to stutter, "!  I can' can't...we cannnnn't....Tanisha!"

I didn't pay him a bit of attention.  All I knew was that those stupid, mean boys were going to pay.  How could they be so cruel? I hate bullies.  They are all cowards under the cover of picking on weaker kids.

Roger was still stuttering as we walked.  Well, I stomped and Roger was being dragged by me.  "Tanisha...can...can we talk about this  I do...n't feel so goood."

I turned my head to look back at him.  I saw a sweaty, pasty, white face attached to the clammy arm I was pulling along.  "You aren't gonna hurl, are you?" I screamed at him.

He swallowed a couple times real quick.  I knew what that meant.  We were inside the front hall of our school.  I peeked into the nearest classroom.  It was empty, which was good.  

I pushed Roger in, grabbed the trash can and put him in the closest chair.  Putting my hands on my hips, I blew out a breath and looked around.  We were in our own classroom.  Everybody must have been at gym or music class.

Roger still had his head hung over the trash can, so I looked around the room.  The memories started coming back to me.  I could almost see Mrs. Seal standing by her desk.  She'd have a book in one hand, reading aloud to the class.  She'd be doing all the voices to go with the story.  Her other hand would be moving this way and that.  She made you see the action and the feel the people. 
I had to close off those memories before I'd be in the same shape as Roger.  I searched the pictures and posters, trying to distract myself.  One poster snapped my attention.

It was a plain one.  It just had three words written in black on a sheet of white paper.  


No funny pictures or cute animals, the poster had just those three words.  They suddenly seemed very important.  But, why?  What had Mrs. Seal tried to teach us about those three little words?

It had something to do with picturing what you wanted with all your heart, believing you could really get it, and then, I guess you get what you want.

That's it! That was just what Roger needed, a little self-confidence, some guts, and a whole lot of bluffing.  I wasn't sure I bought into the whole positive thinking thing, but I had to get Roger off my "to do" list.

"Hey, Rog, how are ya feeling?" I asked.  Roger looked up from the can and said, "My name is Walter not Roger.  Why do ya keep calling me that?"

I guess he was doing better because he almost sounded pissed off at me.  That's good, I thought, you should get mad.

I smiled at him.  He should have started to get really worried right then.  "Rog.. I mean Walt ol' buddy, I got a plan" I told him.  I was starting to feel very pleased with myself.

He narrowed his eyes at me and asked, "A plan? A plan for what?"

" A plan" I said, "to get your self-respect back."

"I didn't know I'd lost that" he grumbled.  "I thought it was just the greasy pizza from lunch."

"Forget that", I told him.  "You and I are going to teach those bullies in the locker room a lesson."

Walter began to beg pitifully, "I don' wanna teach nobody nothing!  I just wanna every body to leave me alone."

"No", I said with a much confidence as I could.  I tried to channel Mrs. Seal. 
"No, Walter, you can do better.  You are better than that.  If you ignore these bullies, sure, they will move on to the next target.  But, somewhere, sometime, somebody is going to try and push you around again.  Is that what you want? Walter? Huh? Walter? To be target practice for some thug-in-training?  Do you want to spend your whole life walking around with a 'Pick on me, I'm a wimp' sign? Huh? Walter? Is that what you really want?"I paused in a dramatic Mrs. Seal fashion and lowered my voice.  "Or do you want it to stop?"

Walter froze and looked up at me with a new gleam in his eyes and quietly said, " I want it to stop."


Tanisha decides that she and Walter need to combine forces to fight back against the bullies tormenting him. She has come up with a plan to use positive thinking to help Walter defend himself.
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