Children Fiction posted March 5, 2009

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Grand-daughter discovers Grandma is inked

My Grandma has a Tattoo

by Deejharrington

One day, I was at Grandma's house.  I was drawing a picture for her.

Grandma really likes my pictures.  
She says they're "cool."

Grandma was reading her book.

When I got up to give her my cool picture, I saw something!
Grandma had a pretty picture on her leg.

I asked, "Grandma, what's that?"  I pointed at her leg.

"That my dear, is a tattoo."she told me.
" A ta-two?  I only see one." I complained.

I peeked around her leg to see the other one.

Grandma pulled her leg closer and said, "It's a forever picture. I had it put on my leg.  It's called a tattoo."

Ooh, it's pretty."  I told her and it was.  It was a moon and sun and lots of stars.
"Why do you have it?"  I asked.

Grandma held out her arms for me and said, "Come here and I'll tell you the story of the tattoo."

Grandma pulled me up on her lap.  It's such a nice place to be.  I got comfy to listen.

She looked at me and smiled.  She pointed to a picture on the wall.  "See the picture of me and the other lady?" she asked me.

I looked at the one she meant.  It was a picture of my Grandma and another lady who looked like her.

"That's me and your Great-Aunt Sue." she began. "You were too young to remember her.  She thought you were very special. You always made her laugh."

"Where did she go?" I wanted to know.

Grandma got quiet and sad for a little while.
Then she said, "Aunt Sue died and went to heaven."

"Like Great-Grandma?"I asked. 
"Yes, like Great-Grandma."  Grandma answered.

"But, Grandma", I said as I wiggled around to look at her.  "What about your tattoo?"

Grandmas forget things and sometimes you have to remind them.

"Oh, yes, the tattoo" said Grandma.  "That's quite a story, do you want to hear it?"

"Yes Grandma, that's why we're looking at the pictures, 'member?"  I said nicely to her.

"I know, I thought maybe you'd forgotten.", Grandma said smiling.

I looked at Grandma so she'd just start the story.

"Well" Grandma finally started, "Aunt Sue was the one who first wanted the tattoo."

"The sun and moon meant to her that you loved people forever and ever. "

"It would remind everybody who saw it , that love never stops, no matter what."

I put my hand on Grandma's cheeks and asked, "Did Aunt Sue have a tattoo like you?"

Grandma laughed and told me that Aunt Sue had gotten scared. 
She had changed her mind and never got one.

Then Grandma explained, "So after Aunt Sue left us, I decided to get the tattoo for her."

Grandma was smiling, but I could see little tears in her eyes.

So  I gave her a big hug and said , "I'll love you forever and ever!"   Can I get a tattoo?"

Just then Daddy and Mommy came in the door.  Mommy was smiling but trying to hide it.  Daddy didn't look happy.

Grandma looked at them and then at me.

She got her serious face on and said "Tattoos are for grown-ups.
When you get a little older, you can decide if you really want one."

Daddy gave Grandma one of his looks.

"But for right now, I have something just for you." Grandma promised.

Grandma crouched down beside me.
She told me, "Until you get a little older, this will be your almost-forever tattoo."

Grandma put a sticker on my leg.  It had a sun and moon and stars, just like Grandma's.

I gave Grandma the biggest hug and kiss.  I promised her, "I'll love you forever and ever!"

Then Daddy picked me up, and we said good-bye.  Grandma waved and blew kisses as we walked to our car.  

Daddy put me in my car seat.  I asked him, "Daddy, am I older NOW?"

Daddy just smiled and shook his head.


This is an almost true story that is meant as a picture book for grandchildren of "baby-boomers".
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