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A fairy tale of a shrimp and an oyster

A Tale from the Sea

by Deejharrington

Once upon a time there was a persistent shrimp that lived under the sea.  He was in love with an oyster.  Samuel  Shrimp gathered all his nerve and approached Ms Oyster to declare his devotion.

To his great disappointment and shame, Olivia  Oyster returned his feelings with a slap to his face.  "Sir, surely you mock me. You love me?  An ugly, brown oyster?  Go away and take your cruel joke with you." With that speech, she swiftly swam away.

But our Samuel knew his heart.  He returned the next day with colorful bits of coral from the reef.  "This is for you, Olivia, to show I do love you," said our hero as he swam up to her.
  She turned her back on him and said, "You are making fun of me, sir.  You choose beauty from our home to make a joke of my own plain, brown shell.  Go away!"

The following day, Samuel came back bearing juicy tidbits he knew his oyster would enjoy.
  Again, she rejected him with her sharp words.  "You mock me Mister Shrimp?  I know I am a plain, brown oyster who deserves only what the others of the ocean reject.  Do you hate me so?  You only do this as a joke.  Do not return to me again."

Samuel was confused and hurt.  He swam to the deepest part of his watery home.  He thought of all he had done, of his feelings for Olivia, and what he truly wanted.

Closer to the shore, safe in the golden sand, Olivia worried about her own actions.  Was Samuel sincere in his love?  She had a brown and bumpy shell.  She looked just like the other millions of oysters in the ocean.  She wasn't special even for an oyster.
  Samuel could have his pick of all the beautiful, colorful creatures of their home.  Why had he picked her?  Olivia  wondered if he would return to her.  She made up her mind.  If he came back one more time, she would question him with an open mind.

Many days and nights passed.  Olivia became impatient now that she had made her mind up.  Now, he decided to disappear.  Men!
But, being an assertive type of oyster, she went to search for him and get her answers.

After looking in all the usual reefs and coves, she found him.  Samuel was all alone in a deep, dark corner of the ocean.  He barely acknowledged her, so consumed in his own thoughts.

Olivia became a little perturbed.  So in a clear, loud voice she asked him, "Why do you love me?  How could you love something that is brown, lumpy, and plain?"

Samuel looked at her with a little smile.  He had been secretly waiting for her to ask just that, daring her to believe.

He swam slowly to her, speaking softly. 

He said, "A foolish shrimp sees only the surface and if he is not interested, he swims away.

 A smarter shrimp takes a second look and looks deeper.
But, a very wise shrimp understands that plain, brown shells or colorful fins are acts of nature.  They take no effort or conscious thought. 

The wisest shrimp delves deep beyond the surface.  He searches for what  is unseen at first glance.  He knows that true beauty comes from hard work and a kind heart."

After that long speech, Olivia was speechless. Her mouth hung open just a little bit.

  Samuel came very close to her and gently caressed the small, perfect pearl that was the heart of Olivia.
  He looked deeply into her eyes and said, " The whole seven seas may see a plain, brown oyster.  But, I alone know the treasure that lies within."

Olivia Oyster knew she had found what she didn't know existed.  Samuel Shrimp spent the rest of his days loving the precious jewel that was hidden. 

Of course, they lived happily ever after.


This was prompted by an on-line conversation I had that abruptly ended when he finally saw my picture. Ouch!
My sincere apologies to all the oceanographers out there.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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