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A chapter in the book Poetry, Dreams In Motion.

The Truth of Purpose

by Gwynn

In the darkness we await the light of joy, laughter, love... of life.
We await the truth of all... what was, what is and what will be.
We await the release of fear... of shame, of guilt ... of strife.
We await the vindication of loss... lost innocence, lost hope... lost dreams.

And we clutch so desperately to our vain attempts to understand-
Holding foolishly to the naivety of our youth and purpose-
While the world slips away... away... beyond the reach of our hands,
And our "purpose" becomes nothing more than a prison to bind us.

It is folly beyond endurance to cling so blindly to such purpose.
To believe that there must be purpose in all we see or do-
And that said purpose will be magically revealed to us
If we just cling tighter, waiting- always waiting- for the cue.

But I say to you that purpose is no more than what we make it.
All is not revealed magically - it must be discovered by being,
By living, by learning and creating - it happens bit by bit
As we stumble upon the road of life, seeing, really seeing,
Where others have walked before us, stood before us-
And coming to the realization that purpose is not a mandate
Laid down by those before that must be blindly followed-
But a path to show the way - to light the darkness-
And reveal the truth:

Life does not come with a purpose for every breath or deed...
It is we who become the purpose for those who walk behind.

People claim through life that no matter what happens there was a reason... a purpose for the action or deed. They hope that, in time, the purpose will be reveled and so they wait... and they fret... and they hope. But all deeds do not have a purpose. All evils do not have a purpose. All sadness, broken dreams, fears and regrets do not have a true purpose. Purpose is what we come to have and eventually come to share with those who follow behind. It is this purpose, this meaning, that makes life worth living. If we forever sit in the darkness brooding upon the reason or purpose for an action, we fail to see the purpose life has given us.
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