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This work has reached the exceptional level
Sad life of a Teddy Bear.

A chapter in the book Blessed is the Fragile Heart

Little Cloth Teddy

by Just2Write

Tell A Story In A Poem Contest Winner 

Little Cloth Teddy lay on the stair,
Where Patsy had put him this morning.
He looked 'round the hallway far as he dare;
Hoping Patsy would soon find him there,
When the hall clock chimed without warning;
Twelve sorrowful bells in the air.

Teddy had waited since eight o'clock
When Patsy kissed him and dashed off to school.
He hoped soon she'd return up the walk
Dressed so nice in her little red frock.
He felt like such a crazy old fool;
The silliest bear on the block.

But, Patsy didn't come home for lunch
He could tell mother was worried too;
Perhaps she was playing; just a hunch.
He listened for her familiar crunch
On the snow with her tiny red shoe;
And dreamed of kisses by the bunch.

But, one came up and then one went by;
No Patsy had come to collect him.
Poor Little Cloth Teddy wondered why
Of all the teddys beneath the sky;
His dearest Patsy would reject him.
He breathed a long and heavy sigh.

Mother came by. She'd made him for Pat;
And she crept up the stair to his side.
They hugged together, and there they sat;
Waiting for Pasty to hurry back.
She cuddled with Teddy, and she cried;
And sat for hours just like that.

Father and Mother waited all night.
Many a stranger came to the door.
Never came Patsy, cheery and bright;
Never came Patsy back to his sight.
He prayed she'd love him, just like before
And soon make his world be alright.

Mother caresses him and she'll cry;
But there is no love coming from her.
Father takes a glance, then passes by;
Saying there's something caught in his eye.
Little Cloth Teddy can't say for sure,
And Father would never say why.

Little Cloth Teddy lies on the bed
And waits daily for Patsy's return
He waits, even though Mother has said
She'll never again stroke his wee head.
Teddy so needs to know or to learn;
If Patsy is living or dead.

Tell A Story In A Poem
Contest Winner


Earned A Seal Of Quality

This is a story of of a missing little girl from the perspective of her teddy bear. I often think of how inanimate things would feel about the world around them. Especially when no one talks to them.

The challenge in this contest was to write a poem that tells a story and also rhymes. Any rhyme scheme can be used. I used 6 lines per verse with a pattern of abaaba 9 syllables each for lines 1 through 5. 8 for line 6.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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