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A chapter in the book TROUBLED TIME IN KANSAS - 1858

Troubled Times Kanas Character List

by c_lucas

LIST OF CHARACTERS FOR "TROUBLE TIMES IN KANSAS - OCTOBER, 1858 If you plan on reading more than one chapter, you might want to print this for your own reference instead of coming back time and again.

JOE TYSON - Son of a mountain man, retired to farming in west central Kansas. Six foot, one hundred and eighty pounds, gray hair, early fifties.
Viola -Mc Person -Tyson - Joe's wife's Father is wealthy merchant
Bison Tyson - Joe's oldest child
Zachariah Thaddeus Tyson - Joe's third oldest child.
Ellen Tyson - Joe's oldest daughter, younger than Bi, older than Zeke
Josh Branson - Son of a trader, long time friend and partner
Melissa Winslow Branson - Josh's wife's. Father is successful arm dealer.
Joe (Joe B.) Branson, Their son.
Horace Jenkins - Sheriff of Saline County
Amy Jenkins - Horace's wife
Sam Wilson - Mayor of Resurrection , General Manager
Louise Wilson - wife - Dark hair beauty
Brenda Wilson - daughter - physical traits of her mother.
Timothy O'Reilly - ward of Bi and Brenda Orphan train, appoximately ten years of age.

Jesse Hills - Livery
Martha Hills - Jesse's Wife
Byron Rogers - owner of the hotel and mayor of Salina.
Nate Bailey - gambler who was saved from thugs by Bi and Zeke.
Toby Jefferson - black who works for Jesse Hills.
Moses James - black free man - long time Salina Resident.
Clara's - Salina restaurant Clara Nichols - owner
Hank Davidson - Clara's cook.
Billy Sparks, Editor of Salina's Scrape Goat Review.
Jake Weber - Salina General Store
Wanda Pearson, widow, Wanda's Millinery
Dr. Brett Stevens - medical doctor, Resurrection's doctor.
Martha Stevens - his wife
Emily Stevens - their fourteen year old daughter.

George Schippel - German Farmer turned Ferry man.
John Schippel Son of George
Henry Morgan - slaver, leader, middle age, five foot seven, robust, black hair and beard.
Stewart Morgan -slaver, Henry's younger brother, Five foot ten, slender, late thirties, black hair, thin beard.
Pete Gibson - slaver, mid thirties, five foot six, heavy set, brown hair.
Roy Malone - slaver , twenty years old, five foot eleven, blonde hair, scraggily beard.
Clyde Myers- political antagonist of Tyson - His Farm is not located in Resurrection.
Slim Peters - Salina Farmer - Ohio.
John Calhoun Beaumont - Southern Minister
Judge "Massa" Benjamin Galloway - favored the pro-slavers
Cliff Baker - Galloway's right hand man
Col. David Dawson - Commander of Fort Riley.
Widow Cora Bedford - hired Larry Higgins to work on her farm outside of St. Louis.
Patrick Morgan - leader of Mo. Gang.
Lieutenant George Matthews - Fort Riley
Captain Thomas Quinn - Missouri Queen
Captain Jonas Becker - Sun Flower
Bill Sharpe - Joe's attacker.
Captain Seth Hathaway - Kansas Queen.
Second Lieutenant Will Caine - Fort Riley
.George Thomas - whiskey dealer
Captain Jarrod Hathaway - Seth's Brother - working on the Savannah River.
Ralston Gang - Billy's Frankenstein

.Steve Johnson - Roy Johnson's Son - bookkeeper Permanent assignment.
Lisa Johnson- Henry Welsh's Daughter- Steve's wife - bookkeeper Permanent assignment

Roy Johnson, Farmer
Billy McDougal - Cherokee Indian - Half-Breed - In Charge of Resurrection's Security Forces.
Morning Star McDougal - wife - distant descendent from Cornblossom
Sam Hawk - Billy's cousin
Little Hawk - Sam's son
Tom Olsen - Farmer newest member of Resurrection.- Southern Spy
Slim Tobin - Farmer - Large family
Linda Tobin - Wife
Bruce Tobin -oldest son
Lawrence Tobin - second son.
Mark Hanson
David Watkins
Sid Tidewater
Luke Tidewater - son
Harold Clayton - Farmer
Naomi Clayton - Harold's wife - mid-wife and nurse.
Margaret - daughter - nineteen
Jonathan - son - twenty-one
Dr. Frederick Hilton - Melinda Father.
Eagle Feather - A full blood Cherokee.
Ten Settlers
Malcolm and Lora McCormack
Tracy and Susan Simpson
Albert and Theresa Jones
Larry - bigot, Maryland and Wanda Higgins
Josiah - Fourteen, oldest

Otis and Samantha Warren
Ted and Linda Sizemore
Carl and Alice Gordon
Richard and Alisa Knots
Sid and Karen Beacon

Henry Welsh - Manager of the Warehouse
John Hogan - Manager -Stables- widower - Manager of the Fields - Horse breeder
George Taylor, carpenter and cabinet maker.
Dr. Theodore Wilcox - First doctor - stocky, middle age
Martha Wilcox - Wife - heavy set
Emily Wilcox- Martha's Daughter Age 15,
Silas Bell - inventor, Scotsman
Reverend Robert Martin Sanderson

Joshua Jefferson
Sam Douglas
Willie Washington
George Washington - Willie's twelve year old son.
Toby Adams

Resurrection - name of the Tyson community. Twenty five mile square. Joe and Josh purchased from the Indians.
SALINA - Actual town in Kansas

Lucy - Tysons' Irish Setter bitch
Ink Spot - Tysons' black German Setter
Chester- Tysons' black Rottweiler
Shorty - Tyson Rat Terrier

Resurrection Charter
Work List
Albanians - Mrs. Tyson Carriage
Spanish Whites - Wilson Carriage
Appaloosa - Joe Tyson Horse - dark color
Black Stallion - Bi's Horse
Sorrel - Zeke's Horse Stallion
Mare - Ellie's Horse - buckskin

Community House
The Fields - five mile square. Cattle, Mule, and Horses.
The Armory
The School House
John Hogan's House
The Warehouse - Community general store.


This is a copy of the notes I used for this book. Names listed here might have changed. I have tried to keep this list updated.
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