Self Improvement Poetry posted December 29, 2008

This work has reached the exceptional level
A little self-introspection

I'm Not the Woman (EEE's version)

by Rdfrdmom2

EEE is for Evil Editing Eddie -- AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

I’m not the woman you thought I’d be

whimsical, funny, and trouble-free

although most demons from the past

now exposed

find themselves powerless to hold me


♦♦♦Prisoner in their cells of horrific memories♦♦♦


I’m not the woman you thought I’d be

when I retired at fifty-three

even though I don’t punch a clock

new deadlines

missing as many as I meet


♦♦♦Time runs away♦♦♦


I’m not the woman you thought I’d be

cleaner house no priority

there’s a clear disdain for

certain words

I didn’t retire for this


 cook + dust + iron + wash = work


I’m not the woman you thought I’d be

as your family grows to three

although I’ve loved you faithfully

my daughter

you worry about boundaries








I’m not the woman you thought I’d be

back when you were abusing me

even though I knew your identity

friend’s father

you said I’d just be white trash




Intuitive                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Trainer





Assistant Superintendent



I’m not the woman you thought I’d be

it’s really okay, don’t you see

even though I may never become

that woman

you thought you knew so well








I’m not the woman you thought I’d be

she’s someone you may seldom see

even though you might just catch a

passing glimpse

when I’m at my very best


♦♦♦So while♦♦♦                                                                                                  


I’m not the woman you thought I’d be

that no longer really worries me

even though my days are shorter

than before

I’m going where the Lord leads me.








I had to pull the original copy of this after not being able to get a readable copy posted. E x 3 even put my final comments in the midst of the poem instead of where they normally go. I've been gone almost a month. You'd think the bloke would give me a break. On paper, this actually came out looking kind of neat with the prisoner line after the first line looking like a cell; Time runs away looking somewhat like a clock; intermingled words after verses 3 and 5; white trash was two-columned; so while was aligned vertically; and every verse was indented slightly for lines 2, 3 and 5 with all 4th lines with an extra indention. So much for creative juices the day after Christmas. The poem spawned from a deep conversation with a friend about my volunteer work. I thought she had a better appreciation of why I did what I did. It led to further introspection on my part and this is what appeared on paper. I wasn't going to post it but WIVA Red Bird had a different take on the piece and felt I should. Every now and then I have to let her win one just so she will keep talking to me. You know how it is. Keep smiling! Thanks for reading. I'm so excited to have my computer back home where it belongs. A special thanks to Carolisa whose newest art posting challenging us to really look at what we see for matching so well with my feelings.
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