Supernatural Flash Fiction posted September 28, 2008

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A young girl has a difficult decision to make.

Wicked Witch

by Readywriter52

Gretel surveyed the cottage that she had occupied for almost a year. In fact, it would be a year tomorrow. The sight of the blackened, warped cast iron pot caught her attention. It had taken her a while, but she had learned to cook delicious concoctions in that metal monstrosity. The red, orange, yellow and brown leaves raced by the cracked window in the cottage. As she shivered, she leaned down to stoke the fire. Tomorrow would be Halloween, and the only day the potion would work. She scratched the mole on her nose. The fourth ingredient was difficult to decipher, but she thought it was ginger. Last Halloween changed her life forever.
She laughed at the little old lady who occupied the cottage. Wrinkles lined her face and the wart on her nose made her a victim of all the children. They loved to torment her. The boys tripped her as she walked down the street. Last Halloween, a couple of her friends and she decided to steal her walking cane. When they knocked, Bob grabbed her cane and ran. The old lady only smiled and invited her in for tea. Gretel tried to resist, but the old lady compelled her to enter. After she drank the tea, Gretel felt faint and fell asleep.  When she woke up, she looked at a very beautiful woman. Wordlessly, the woman handed her a mirror. Gretel shrieked at the ugly crone in the mirror. She felt her wrinkled face and knew the crone’s face was her face. She cried, and the woman told her she could only reverse the spell on Halloween using the same potion. She laughed and told Gretel she could live in the cottage then left.
She looked at herself in the mirror and wondered if she could condemn another woman. A knock on the door snapped her out of her reverie. Turning around, she saw Eric push the door open and enter. Eric believed her and stood by when everyone else rejected her. Her own family disowned her so she lived alone. Only Eric supported her in her quest to reverse the potion.
“Hi! Are you ready for tomorrow?”
She smiled. “I’ve been ready for a year. Did you get the ginger root?”
He nodded.
She impulsively hugged him. “You’ve been my only true friend.” She handed him a cup of tea.
He grinned. “It’s not going to change me?"
“It’s only mint tea. Also, the potion only works on Halloween. I would rather live my life this way than do this to you. You’re my only friend.”
“I chose Rose to come here with me tomorrow.” When he saw her horrified face, he continued, “No one likes her. She’s a bully and no one will miss her.”
Gretel sighed but agreed with his choice.
Gretel looked at her watch. Eric and Rose would be here soon. The potion was done and ready to be served. She steeled herself for the deed had to be performed tonight. She wondered if she could do this to anyone, even Rose.
“Why are we here?” shrieked a female voice.
It has to be Rose thought Gretel. She prepared herself for the confrontation.
“Are you afraid,” challenged Eric.
“I’m not afraid of anything. Why are we here?”
“I thought we would steal the old lady’s shawl,” said Eric.
“I heard she’s a witch.”
“Do you believe that?”
She opened the door before Rose could answer.
“Please come in,” Gretel invited them. She directed them to a couple of chairs by the fireplace. "I have some mint tea brewing in the kettle on the fire."
Rose looked at her suspiciously. She moved to Gretel, but Eric pulled her back. 
“Wait, we can get the shawl later.” He pushed her to a chair and sat down.
Rose frowned but sat.
Gretel smiled at both of them. She handed them both a cup of tea.
Rose felt the steaming tea and put it down. “I’ll wait until it cools.” She looked at Gretel. “Look old lady, I’ve come to steal your shawl on a bet. Why don’t you just give it to me, and we can leave.”
Eric looked at her in alarm. “What’s the hurry? We have all night. You can show your trophy to the kids in the morning.”
Looking around the cottage, Rose sniffed in disgust. “I don’t want to stay in this dirty drafty cottage any longer than necessary.” She looked at Gretel in disgust. “Give me your shawl and I’ll leave.”
“Drink your tea,” suggested Eric.
As Rose picked up the cup, Gretel knocked it out of her hand. “Get out of here, you horrible girl.” She pushed the girl out and shut the door.
She wept when Rose left. “I’m doomed to look like this forever.”
Eric placed his hands on her shoulders. “I don’t care what you look like. I love you.” He leaned over and kissed her deeply. When he finished, he gasped, because before him stood a lovely young lady. 
They returned to their lives, but the cottage would always be their home.


This is a modern day fairy tale which takes place now. Gretel has to decide between what is right and what is wrong.
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