Mystery and Crime Poetry posted August 9, 2008

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Patterned after The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

A Woman Scorned

by Rdfrdmom2

My apologies to Longfellow

Look, fanstorians, and you will read

About the warnings she did not heed

When racing down that treacherous wet mountain lane

Acting as if truly insane

Searching for he who did the dirty deed.


She got home early that fateful morning

What she found nearly tore her apart

Her dreams shorn beyond repair without warning

Leaving her penniless and a broken heart ~

He thought he would have two hours or three

Head start before she found out, don’t you see?

Besides, he felt she was just too weak

To have the nerve to chase after him and seek

Why he had left her without letting her speak.


She picked herself up and got in her car

Thinking, he could not have gone too far

That bastard will truly rue the day

He took my money and ran away

If he thinks he’s seen me mad before

He better be prepared for all out war

When I’m done, he’ll be really sore

It’s one body that will never be found

He should have known not to run around.


She floored the gas when she hit the street

Imagining just where he might go

The bitterness was beginning to grow

She would not rest until she hunted him down

As he made his cowardly retreat

Her revenge would not be served cold and stale

When she dealt him her get-even blow.


She caught up with him on the old mountain road

Just a few miles short of the state line

Running ninety and drinking red wine

Now in automatic pilot mode

She was ready to show she could be tough

For him, the fall-out would be rough

Ramming into the back of his car

Pushing him just a little too far

Losing control, he went over the cliff

When they found him, he was a cold stiff

And she believed that was good enough.




Poetry In Art contest entry


When I started this, it seemed like a good idea to pattern it after The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. More and more, I understand why I like free verse. At any rate, this is purely fiction. Thanks for reading. Good luck to all the contestants.

By the way, I followed Longfellow's rhyme and syllable pattern. The rhyme pattern for the infamous Midnight Ride is:






I stopped there because 41 lines was all my brain could muster. LOL!
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