Spiritual Fiction posted July 29, 2008

This work has reached the exceptional level
A man hits rock-bottom and gets what he deserves.

The Suicide Note

by Janilou

Dedicated to anyone who needs to read this.

He watched in disbelief as the amber fluid from the Budweiser can flooded across the paper, turning his carefully chosen words into an inky mess. No-one cares anyway.  Pushing back from the table and staggering to his feet, he knocked the can to the carpet to join its companions.

"You can't even write a suicide note," the voices hissed. They never left him alone, for mental illness has no limitations to its torture.

"Shut up!" he shouted to the empty room. Taking one step, he fell face first like a nine-pin to the floor and lay still.

For the first time in years, the voices respected his wish and remained silent.  


The woman in the shimmering gown sparkled like the moon as she made her way across the room. Her gaze fell on the note. "Oh, sweet Jesus. Look at this." Picking up the wet page, she read the blurred words of the failed suicide note. "He doesn't think anyone cares. How wrong he is. His friends love him deeply." 

Touching the page, she sighed. "He feels there is a wall between him and God. Just one more wicked lie alcohol tells." Looking down at the still figure on the floor, she clutched her chest, feeling his pain as her own. "Dear child, how wrong you are. You have much to offer the lost people in this world, for you have been there, and can understand their pain."

"God, where are You? Why can't I feel Your love?" the man moaned. He convulsed for several seconds, and lay still.

"Jesus!" the woman exclaimed, looking through the ceiling and up to heaven. "He is calling for you!"

Jesus appeared and looked at Mercy with tears in His eyes. "I am here. Go now, Mercy, and get him the help he needs."

Mercy needed no further urging. Sweeping her beautiful form through the door, she found the man's best friend several miles away, at his office and whispered in his ear, "Go to your friend. He needs help." 

The friend paused, scratching his head, as a sudden thought entered his mind. Snatching up his car keys, he left the building.

Returning to the apartment, Mercy touched her hand to Jesus' shoulder. "His friend is on the way," she said. 

Jesus nodded. He sat cross-legged on the floor, cradling the man in His arms, caressing his mottled cheek. "I'm right here, son. Don't you know? If you'd been the only one in the world to save, I would have died on the cross for you. How could anything keep me from your side?"

Mercy's beautiful eyes filled with tears. "Is he going to be okay, Jesus?"

Jesus looked up and smiled. "When his friend arrives, he will take him to the hospital. He's going to be fine. This is his new beginning. Healing will be found."

Mercy's eyes sparkled as she watched Jesus embrace His child. 

"If you could have seen God run when you called His name," she whispered to the unconscious man, leaning forward to kiss his cheek. "If only you could have seen God run."



I have very little time to write and I am way behind on answering reviews, so please forgive me, if I don't respond immediately to your comments. I care about what you say, and if you find errors I will correct them.
My deepest thanks to "Phillips, Craig and Dean" for the song, "When God Ran." This song expresses the deep love God has for His children. When they call Him, he doesn't just come to them - He runs to them.
Hugs to all my FanStory friends. I hope I will have more time soon to read all your wonderful stories and poems!
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