Spiritual Fiction posted July 8, 2008

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A mother is reunited with her long-lost son.

The Reunion

by Janilou

Dedicated to EllenV's daughter and family.

His beaming smile and sparkling eyes melted Anna's heart before she could speak. She brushed away tears as he ran into her waiting arms. Every nervous thought of their reunion was gone. 

"Look at you!" she gasped through her laughter. "All grown up!"

"Hi, Mom," he said, almost crushing her in his embrace. "I've waited so long for this day."

"Me too, darling." She grasped his face in her hands. "You look so much like your father."

"Do I?" Christopher smiled. "I was named after him, right?"

"We chose that name for you before you were born. I always wondered if you knew."

Chris nodded. "They told me."

"All those years apart. I thought my heart would break in two sometimes," Anna said. "Your father - "

Chris kissed his mother's head. "It's okay. You didn't have a choice in the matter. There's a reason for everything that happens."
"Were you happy?"

"More than you can imagine, Mom. Come on. I want to show you around before we go back to my place."

Anna slipped her hand into his and they walked down the beach. Seagulls soared above their heads, crying to be heard over the tide and the ocean breeze.

"I wanted this day to be perfect for both of us," Chris said, leading his mother close to the shore, where the waves caressed their bare feet. The sun hovered above the horizon, cushioned by cotton-candy clouds and casting a warm glow across their faces.

"It is perfect," Anna agreed. "Not to be able to watch you grow up seemed so cruel. Every time your birthday rolled around, I cried. If only things could have been different."  Digging a line in the sand, she sighed. "I wept for days after they took you from my arms in the hospital. You were so tiny."

Chris knelt and extending her line, drew two hearts in the sand.  "Mom, it's okay. We're together now and I've had a wonderful life here."

"It seems odd to hear you talking about your life - without me."

"I  guess it would," Chris agreed. "But I always knew we'd see each other again."

"There were days I didn't think so." Anna sighed.  "I wish I could have shared your confidence. "

"It wasn't hard at all. I heard so many good things about you. I knew you'd come."

"Really?" Anna blushed, reached down to pick up a sea-shell and held it to her ear. "Well, I never - "

Chris grinned.

Anna looked at her son, her face glowing. "I can hear music! The most gorgeous music! The last time I held a shell to my ear, I could hear the ocean roar, but this is incredible." She began to hum.  

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. . .

Chris hugged his mother. "Isn't it awesome? Just wait until you see the newborn and premmie babies that arrived today. Now that will make your heart sing." Chris's eyes shone.  "I love cuddling them. Everyone does. Oh, Mom, there are so many things you are going to love about heaven."


Losing a child has to be the hardest thing anyone can live through. I believe those babies grow up in heaven and are waiting with open arms for the day they can be reunited with their families. The Bible says there will one day be a new heaven and a new earth. None of us knows what heaven is like, but I believe it will be wonderful, glorious and beyond our comprehension.

Note to Reviewers: As always, I am rushing to pen this before heading out to do my evening chores. I will correct any mistakes and nits found if you point them out! :-)
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