Self Improvement Poetry posted June 23, 2008

This work has reached the exceptional level
Making peace with one's inner child

Little One

by Rdfrdmom2

Inspired by blah blah blah's The Inner Child Inside of Me

Little One, don’t be afraid

Because of choices others made

Come on over, talk to me

I may be able to set you free

From demons invading your sleep

And barriers which make you creep

Those times you yearn to play and run

Participate in all the childhood fun

Stolen from you years ago

By a pedophile so vile and low


Little One, wrapped in a ball

It’s time for you to stand up tall

To realize you should feel proud

For tossing away shame’s ugly shroud

That was never truly yours to wear

The blame was not your lot to bear

No matter what he said to you

Demons’ words are seldom true

Designed only to absolve their part

And place burdens on your tender heart


Little One, gaze into my eyes

My respect for you can’t be disguised

Your courage and strength is growing strong

You’ll one day sing your victory song

By realizing you were never to blame

For being the spawn in a sick man’s game

By tackling the issues tying you in knots

For accepting help in connecting the dots

You’re finding out what’s really true

You’re discovering who’s really YOU!





Many writers on this site seem to share a common history of some type childhood abuse be it physical, emotional, sexual or a combination of all mentioned. Some have been more successful than others in finding and releasing the voice of the inner child which was squelched all too soon. While this is a direct response to blah blah blah's very moving poem about being challenged to look for and talk to her inner child, it is dedicated to all of us who share that bond that forever ties us together. Those of us who have been blessed to have our childhood voice back have a unique and distinct responsibility to help those who haven't find theirs. I am so very proud of Meghan as she searches for hers.
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