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Are we on the edge of losing our life blood -water

Will The Great Rivers Die

by Sylvia Page

Our world is on the brink of losing a precious resource - water.
Will The Great Rivers Die? It is a yes and no answer. I don't want to be the prophet of doom and say, "Yes, they will all die." As, after all, it is within the power of man to keep them alive and flowing. We all have to acknowledge our responsibility and take a positive stance globally, in unison and be able to say, "NO, WE WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO DIE!"

Greater Awareness
While the world is covered by nearly seventy per cent of water, most of which is saline and ocean-based, freshwater is just a small fraction, less than 2.5 per cent to be exact. Even so, the water that is accessible is just one per cent, with most of it trapped in snowfields and glaciers.

According to credible studies, many of our planet's potable water sources are drained out faster than they can be replenished.

Many of our rivers, streams and lakes are now polluted with agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals and even hormones. Without clean water, there is a threat to life and its existence. We need to do something to ensure our own survival. It boils down to education. "Where is water found?"

Water is a mysterious substance and can be found in many weird and wonderful places.

Our bodies are made out of 65% water. 75% of our brain is water and 22% of our bones are water too. It is not just humans who contain water, but our Earth is three-quarters water.

Surface water is water found above ground. 13% of rainfall forms the world's lakes or creeks.

What the world at large needs is greater awareness and values for the great resources that were gifted to us. In the name of scientific and industrial endeavours, supported by political forces, man has exploited these resources without the slightest hesitation and without a thought for his own offspring's survival.

Value of Education
This world is a beautiful place with enough resources for everyone, but the people of the world must learn to value and conserve its gifts and use them wisely in order to ensure that no great river will die. An important question is, are we willing and ready to help one another survive, or continue to rip and exploit the resources from the poorer nations and continue to grow stronger and richer at the expense of their natural heritage.

Rape of Resources
Virgin timber from lands rich in biodiversity, along with fossil fuels, precious metals, gems and minerals, resources from the seas, lakes and rivers, continue to be plundered relentlessly. It continues without a thought except for the political will, wealth and power it will generate.

One may ask, "How long will water last?" Some say it will last until 2015 and others say it will only be sufficient until 2020. Every human being, animal and plant have the right to survival. Water, therefore, is a precious commodity and a basic human right. Water is thereby nature and not a manmade entity. There is the danger of man controlling this precious commodity for accumulating further power and wealth if the world does nothing about conserving and protecting the sources from where this life nectar rises. There is even the possibility of wars being fought to gain control over water rights.

Action and Not Deliberations
It is about time that responsible people (we all are) of the world take note of this urgent crisis and employ solutions to keep its rivers flowing in greater abundance than ever.


I posted this several years ago and I want to revive it to create much-needed awareness for a resource we take for granted.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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