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A chapter in the book Oh Life!

Shouldn't Man Achieve Human Rank Status?

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Enjoy a fantasy treat, humour concept in my work in my art and style of expression, this is a question we often ask.

The Book of Poetry on True Experiences of Life in Living contains poems in different structures. It discovers the experiences, experimental and observatory feelings of life in diverse courses in dimen
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The Book of Poetry: Poems composed in different formats; poems on experiences of experimental living in dimensions

Shouldn't man achieve human rank status?
He should achieve status above God? We identify sponsored, masked devils
Oh God! All babies in womb can learn pre-birth lessons
Under Tech-Info Age! We can create humans, all the best
Lo! Let terrorists, bio scientists networks grow more
Damn! White collar terrorists, bio-scientists join politics
No worry! The certified humans are issued under seals
Thank, O God see our global ministerial workshops!

Man in million centuries learnt Your Destined Cause
After a century, we'll get true, recognized humans
Ne'er worry! We're doctorates in human creations now!

Achieve daily! Watch our networks target achievement
Certificates are issued only to the passed candidates
Home friendly online is free, accessible to our humankind
Internet! Our creation is systematic beyond scientific, now online processed
Effective, public, scientific supervision is active today
Verified, tested surveillance! Spyware, software run all
Each hour, we invest million, billion, trillion dollars on our creation activation

Human! We've free schooling up to post post doctorate, the highest of degree level
Under no rules; pigs, dogs, monkeys get our human certificates
More and more research, innovation and development is going on
After the software, free, open and accessible to all men, we'll have best humans, free gods
No Heavens! Our so called democratic human gods control on earth

Rank! We've humans with nominated, elected annual gods
Alas, no more old creations! We're run by our gods now
No! Our gods are public, independent-in-charge; our
Knot of control, management is higher than scientific, machine run

Status! Traditional, orthodox, unexplained yours is!
The infinite offers, mystic controls! It's enough, thanks!
And the unseen, unwritten systems, and your rules are obsolete!
The age-old, mysterious, monopoly governance, wish you thanks!
Under next human gens, we'll enjoy judicious, 'yond God
Systems, best 'h' controlled measures, sys better than that by God!


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How, why and what man of today thinks, dreams, assumes and presumes about their rank, state and status is put in this work in an ironic manner

This expresses even man's higher status (as man thinks) as humans even more than God; you can understand effect of such thoughts of few men

Man ever tries to prove him God or more than or 'yond God, you know I mean to say what man being a creation by God achieves before or after death

Man thinks soon he can rise his status as human that is beyond ('yond) or above God and he can create more and more number of gods to rule on earth

Man even declares man's creation is better than God's

Man being a creation of God wishes to show, or thinks to prove God is inferior to man once he achieves the state or status or rank human ('h')

Man thinks if he becomes human or man tries to prove if he achieves a higher status human, he will be more than God

Man being a creation of God even criticizes his creator God and man does so using God's gifts while it is true man in million years has failed to create a single thing for man does not understand man is not a creator for there is only one creator, He is God

Man fails to create anything without using the only Creator God's created infinite things that God gifts man free because man does not know and understand a producer cannot create and man can produce anything for man only and only by using God's gifts for example, man produces computers, space crafts, internet, trains, buses, motor cars, electronic goods, etc only by using and availing of God's free gifts and resources like air, water, sun lights, land, trees, and or natural and other resources for man cannot even produce anything if God does not provide, supply or give anything free or if God stops providing gifts or resources FOR A MINUTE

Man forgets God's gifts even man forgets the life is Gifted by God, man can think him more than God since God gifts man everything free and God does not ask for price of His gifts but man asks for price for anything he gives even man asks for consideration for gifts to man

A few men know, understand, feel, experience or realize God and believe in God and have faith in God's words and follow right, moral, righteous and meaningful living through performing activities to the cause of promotion of mankind and through their performance and work or activities dedicated to mankind or to the welfare and development of mankind at large naturally become humans (higher state of status of man, though it is abstract, only we write history of their activities and make them mortally immortal (not like immortal, divine and creator God) and in our civilization, there are so many men who have achieved the status of humans and we read their lives, biographies, bio data, particulars of their contribution dedicated to the cause of mankind or humankind or human beings as race or race human (created by God, named or defined by man)

your = God's

gens = generations, not genes

'yond = beyond

'h' controlled = human controlled; controlled by human; controlled by human (the status man assumes to achieve, this is the humour, I think)

sys = systems

Please have patience; poetic licence used in expression of meaning, use of words and thoughts in phrases

Lesser punctuation is intentional

This is a free verse poem with some flavour of acrostic, free of rhymes and free of meters, though I know it is not a pure acrostic poem

I have not covered all thoughts of man with use of excessive or redundant words to make the work boring to read

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The Book of Poetry: Poems composed in different formats; poems on experiences of experimental living in dimensions

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