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quest ... promote humanity. Please read Author Notes

A chapter in the book Oh Life!

Promote Humanity Serve Mankind B' Human

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Promote humanity

The Book of Poetry on True Experiences of Life in Living contains poems in different structures. It discovers the experiences, experimental and observatory feelings of life in diverse courses in dimen
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The Book of Poetry: Poems composed in different formats; poems on experiences of experimental living in dimensions

Promote humanity serve mankind be human
Ransack ne'er; regenerate, doesn't sunshine do ever?
Orphan no child; does an animal leave such an example?
Mortify ne'er; do oceans displease anyone?
Over discrimination, does air blow indiscriminately?
Tax nothing immoral; does wind retire or tax you?
Energize others; doesn't moonlit softly care at all odds?

Humanity, a harmonized living; doesn't rainbow show, isn't rainbow seen the same way?
Underestimate race or religion; does sunray ever reach differently to a different religion?
Manly live; does the Himalaya bow down before anyone?
Ask, learn and develop; do clouds forget reforming any time?
Nepotism, favoritism, hypocrisy, did God man or Man of God ever show, practice nepotism?
Immorality; did God or any religious Scripture teach, or tell you to promote immorality, inhumanity ever?
Tack honesty; do flowers fasten unoriginality, lose honesty, or follow dishonesty?
You can be human; don't oceans grow, become part of civilization?

Serve selfless; doesn't the Invisible Eye keep vigil?
Earmark service to international community like the sun
Religion is impersonal; does God certify any 'best'?
Vouch nothing selfishly; Let a dog, ant or pig do
Each humane service is part to your destined mission

Mankind can appreciate a service like Mother Nature
A personal possession is a bar; true dedication serves
No profit motive; does God love man on gain target?
Knowledge; wisdom helps; can a fool earn humanness?
Italian or American pride is personal; does God pat it?
No nationality; internationalism is the star God-faith
Divide and rule makes colonies; does God patronize it?

Be man first, contribute globally on way to mankind, race human
Entries personal bank balance, achievement is personal

Human, hue in or of a man; like the earth, serve soundless or in patience
Ultimate contribution like air serves beyond color, religion or sex
Man is human with global stand, recognition like the sun
As history supports civilization; as God offers His gifts to all equally
No personalization; serve as the sun reaches your doors equally



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Please have patience; poetic licence used in expression of meaning, use of words and thoughts in phrases

Lesser punctuation is intentional

This is a free verse poem with some flavour of acrostic, free of rhymes and free of meters, though I know it is not a pure acrostic poem

I have not covered all thoughts of man, all matters of humanity or human values with use of excessive or redundant words to make the work boring to read; I have tried to propose some quests; a careful and attentive reading may help open the true, inner essence and concept of this free verse poem

In this work I have placed a question and then given an example for appreciation of the question that begins a new line of the free verse poem

No, this is not a free verse poem contest entry

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Background (Edited)*
The Book of Poetry: Poems composed in different formats; poems on experiences of experimental living in dimensions

This is an independent chapter 21 / 22 of the book

ne'er = never

Invisible Eye = refers to eyes of God

humanness = the state or quality of being human, human state, state of human

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