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A chapter in the book Oh Life!


by Alcreator Litt Dear

Just a thought in my propoetic style, form, format, order and structure; enjoy 3 in 1- fiction, non-fiction and poetry ---propoetic.

The Book of Poetry on True Experiences of Life in Living contains poems in different structures. It discovers the experiences, experimental and observatory feelings of life in diverse courses in dimen
Background (Edited)*
The Book of Poetry: Poems composed in different formats; poems on experiences of experimental living in dimensions

Hey, don't pluck the flowers.
Get beauty, fragrance, living message they bear.
Nice if you keep a rational purpose, my dear.

Let them bloom to grace us with color, you care,
Think natural ecstasy, must you care our Mother,
Feel darling, a gifted grace.

But dad, they jeer in public,
Oft spoken; He's bookish, they tell Him an object,
on a fool's canvas, a religious tonic, exam subject He's!

Ne'er mind, son; they spare no one, no harm,
lames limp; dark sees black; white remains white,
black changes all colors into black;
All colors can't change; all is not for all.

Can man catch stars?
They treat prophets, avatars or saints mad.
All can't see white..

You are my good son, come here, look at the sky.
Does it appear pale?
Has it lost its name, glory or status?
Does it look like an ocean?

Why dad? It will never.
Black can't see its black truth.

Dad, if A is true, does it mean all but A is false?
Tell me, if I go elsewhere untold,
Will you consider me dead or not alive?
Sorry, dad, how dare I?

See the ants.
Do they try to assume, presume or understand what life is?

Kill ants, keep a few dead ants before other ants,
Will living ones learn death or anything at all?
No, dad, but I learn also by seeing.
My goodness!

O dad, you're great, it makes you my tall dad.

Come, look at the trees; do they walk?
Don't you know trees have feelings?
Yeah, they have senses, books say and I know, dad.

You know, animals can learn to man's benefits.
Yea, dad, our Tommy does all I say.
But dad, why there is no ant soldiers for wars?
Good idea, but it is not practically feasible, dear.

Can trees swim like fish or fish stand like trees?
It's absurd, dad

Can tigers make nests?
Can lions eat horse or bamboo grasses?
Will an eagle ever crawl like a snake?
Could an ant walk like a lizard?
Will donkeys ever eat pigs?
Can cats kill zebras?
Amazing! How absurd, dad!
Nice, you can follow me.

Think of anything without a shape or structure?
No, dad, I can never.
As one decides, plans, frames, so one gets a design.
In creation, see everything is in shapes, structures.
Each creation has a mission.
But we forget keeping a mission.
Do you know what mission man has been given?
No, dad, what it is?
'Serve mankind'.
Think, Creation has features, frames.
All His created objects are planned.
He created objects without shape or colour also,

Yes, dad, I can follow,
That is why computer is not like a bus,
A train does not look like a taxi,
Or a mountain does not appear like an ocean,
Mom and you are different,
Excellent, my dear boy, I tell you more,

Creation or production is per planning,
Then the shape, structure, feature grows,
Know, nothing grows all on a sudden,
We get anything only after production.
Evolution as a process comes after creation or production.

If all was like you my dad!
No problem, all is great,
many men keep dark faiths, beliefs, knowledge or attitudes,
Right you are, dad.
All are not worthy of being called men but we.

But dad,
I don't understand why,
Each and every one has different features?
I told you earlier, remember my words,
Well, I remember, it is because of creator's choice.

Do you know my boy?
Why there is system in each object?
Why all are not same? Why diversities?
All per objectives set in by the Creator,
In case of man's production, same is the rule.

Dad, is production different from creation?
Yes, man is the producer, God the Creator.
Why so dad?
Simply, man cannot create anything like God,
Whatever he produces are borrowed,
Man can only produce all for man,
Man lives only on God's Infinite Gifts.
Do you get me?
It's very rightly, dad.

I give you more examples for appreciation,
Does summer or winter continue all the year?
Have you seen roses bloom in a banyan tree?
Everything cannot change its features instantly,
Features are unchanged; we can identify objects.
Dad, it's much better, I now can follow you.

Think, why only an elephant has a trunk?
Why only zebras have stripes like that?
Why giraffes only have the tallest neck?
Why eagles only fly so high in the sky?
Why man has only 226 bones?
Why all are not boneless either?
Why only cheetah can run fastest?
Why the whole earth is not like Antarctica?
Why temperatures differ?
Why pigs can't run like horses?
I know dad, it is very simple.
A horse is not a pig, so.
Good, you can appreciate.

But my dear son, it is all because of
Rules, rules, rules and rules,
Orders, orders, orders and orders,
Systems, systems, systems and systems,

No escape, no exception, you can't change,
All God created, planned, designed, devised,
Offered, gifted, given man His Infinite Creations.
Is it clear? Yes, dad.

There are principles, rules, orders, systems,
That's why we do all different jobs for living,
Right, dad, I go to school, read books but you don't, dad.
Excellent! Very intelligent you are, my boy.

You know, nature keeps balance, harmony.
Then, should man escape ethics?
Why all men are not immoral or immortal?
Why are not all black, white or dark?
Why all time are not days only?
Dad, it's very simple, I know this.
Bad boys get punishments,
Irregular school boys get penalties,
Good students pass like me;
Good hearts love everyone.
The best boy of the school knows the most.
My goodness, you are very intelligent.

You know my boy, laws are everywhere.
Have you seen good stories end badly?
How many dark, black or immoral men
can wink moral laws and if how long?
How long the sky can overcast black?
I can follow you dad.

Think awhile, my boy,
No problem, if some people go against Nature,
See their fate and stature.
Do you call them men?
Can you expect ethics from them?
But, it is true, you know my son, good will prevail over bad.

Remember my son, few can cause real harm to humanity, permanently.
Terrorists, kidnappers, killers can cause harm.
Only few criminals can banish a society.
Few devils can put government in dilemma.
Few ignorant can condemn a good philosophy.

Do you follow me?
Yes, dad, very well, I can appreciate,
A few bad people can challenge but can't banish humanity,
Devils or demons do not care ethics or The Books.
They raise controversies, preach false faiths, distort truths,
dismantle philosophies or misinterpret hypocritically,
selfishly, ignorantly or foolishly.
Doing good, rational and humane is ethics.
Do you get me?
Yes dad.

But dad, bad people are not born bad or badly.
They are also men.
Can you salute an unethical man, my son?

But why all are not good dad?
Why all do not study like me?
Why all are not like you?

All babies ask the secrets and truths of living,
All study good books, follow good lessons,
But only few can learn and practice, dear.
Some go astray and become crooked,
Some love unethical, immoral or bad living.

Oh yes, dad, I can follow.
My dear boy, just think,
We breathe the same air,
We enjoy the same Nature,

Don't be hypocrite, dishonest or bad.
Yes dad, I know.
Bad people are arrested by police.
They are sent to jails, punished by law.
Right, my boy, I know.

Just, you think my boy.
Even, all unethical people study the religious scriptures.
They can distinguish between moral and immoral.
They too can feel bad, but they yield devastation.
Surely, they have knowledge of ethics.
But, it is their choice to be unethical.
They want to be immoral.
They get pleasure acting unethical.
So, they choose to be bad, to act beyond ethics.

My dear son, just you think.
Could good lessons make someone ethical or moral?
Not necessarily, I think.

Interesting, but dad, don't they know their fate?

Of course my boy.
But, some know and some don't.
Some can't see, or can't guess of the outcome of crookedness?
They aren't aware of dark, black, and or unethical living.

But dad, how can it happen?
Why don't all appreciate or understand the truth?
Can't they dream of good, prestigious living?
Don't they want human recognition?
Why can't they try to be ethical?
When will they learn to be moral or ethical?

All don't know the truths.
There are misconceptions, allusions, and illusions.
Only some can learn the truths of living.

It's nothing but choice, choice, choice, my dear son.
All don't like to be good, rational or ethical people.

You know, my dear boy.
They learn immoral living quickly.
As you find, they choose black dreadful living.
They never think of bright ethical or humane future.
They are callous, ignorant or nonsense.

But dad, why?
They avoid changes or development ethically.
They prefer black, dark to ethics or ethical lights.

But dad, why?
It is because of their choice.

Listen to me carefully, now.
We, you too can help changing them.
Or stop growing unethical thoughts in some men.

Teach, give them scope for better humane living.
Offer them recognition, status and prestige.
See a few may change.

Why, only a few?
That is the truth.
You can't change everyone.

I know, we know but we don't do.
We know the truths, ethics but we don't follow.

Leave the unwilling souls prefer to black living.
Let them grow in number, naturally.
Balance or equilibrium is a natural law.
Dark will banish and lights will prevail, hope you follow.

Let them live like creatures and be happy
with their chosen living, without a page in moral history.

How long can I do, dad?
As long as you can.
Love family, neighbours, country and mankind.
As much as you can do.

Allow no further black, dark mind to grow.
Believe you can.
You are responsible to enlighten a few hearts.
Check less number of new hearts grow dark.
Stop growing to see black hearts isolated.

Is the lesson clear, my boy?
Remember, life, living, or future is yours.
Do whatever you can, choice is yours.

Well, dad, I'll remember.

My good boy!
I'm proud of you, my son.
Thank God.



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I know there is no such form, propoetic, it is a new form I have innovated, I have used this form or format of composition of poem named propoetic in practice for the first time, so that I can grow and advance the form in the future; sorry for inconvenience; being positive, as a litterateur, I have used this form; I know anything new appears not so good to everyone for the first time, I know this is not a negligible form of expression, besides, none on earth can satisfy everyone. everywhere and every time; but I believe, with practice my new form of poem, propoetic will be popular in course of time

Poetic licence used in expression of meaning, style and art of expression

Lesser punctuation is intentional

This is a free verse propoetic poem in form that is to express three in one in one form --poem, fiction and non-fiction

No, this is not a free verse propoetic poem contest entry

This free verse propoetic poem is free of rhymes and meters; it is intentional

Conversational expression, but inverted commas or dialogues not used properly tp maintain a poetic flavour and mode of expression; poetic licence used

Oft = often

Ne'er = never

Propoetic = like poem; not a para poem or not truly a poem, it is a mix of poem and prose, expressed in a poetic order and form

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Background (Edited)*
The Book of Poetry: Poems composed in different formats; poems on experiences of experimental living in dimensions

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