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An unexpected meeting

A chapter in the book Enough

Enough - Chapter 3

by Jim Wile

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

A brilliant young chemist creates a new opioid with unknown benefits and pitfalls.
Recap of Chapter 2: Brian’s response to the grief of his parents’ death is to binge eat and play computer games while Fran takes care of business. Fran calls him on it and tells him it’s time to shape up, take better care of his health, and do more around the house. He resists and is belligerent and storms off to bed, where he cries himself to sleep.
Fran wakes him early the following morning, and they begin an exercise routine.
Chapter 3
Summer 2006
In the two years since Momma and Daddy had died, Fran got her associate's degree in law enforcement and became a deputy in the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. She now had a gun and a badge and wore a uniform and everything. She was a real cop, although she told me that term was usually reserved for officers in the police department rather than the sheriff’s office. It was a matter of jurisdiction, she said. Police officers are at the city level, while sheriff’s deputies are at the county level. Whatever you call her, she was perfect for the job. She was physically fit, tough, and no-nonsense when dealing with the public, especially criminals. Already, she was talking about being a detective one day.

I would be entering high school as a freshman when school started up again in the fall. I was no longer pudgy. Fran and I continued our early morning workouts together and were both into lifting now. She could bench press 140 pounds, while I was now up to almost 180. Although I kidded her about being a weakling, she said it was just nature, and I shouldn’t get cocky about it. I think she was secretly proud of me, although she never came out and said it.

I had begun mowing a few lawns when she told me I had to work to earn money. That summer, I teamed up with my buddy, Derek Shafer, and together we had six or seven customers. Now we had 18. Derek’s father owned a riding mower, which he allowed him to use on the job, while mine was a walking mower. This combination was perfect for any lot configuration, and we could mow about any size lawn. We also had a string trimmer and blower so we could really do a quality job.

As I came around into the backyard with my mower one afternoon, there was Sandi MacReady sunbathing by their pool. She was a year ahead of me in school and way out of my league in terms of looks and popularity. She had on a white bikini, which contrasted with her deep tan. With that wavy blond hair and those long, slim legs stretched out on her chaise longue, she was gorgeous.

She waved to me when I saw her, and I waved back. I began mowing the backyard, but I was very self-conscious about it with Sandi over there on the patio. I kept sneaking peeks at her. She caught me one time and beckoned me over with a wave of her hand. I shut off the mower and went over to talk to her.

“Brian Kendrick. You’re looking pretty buff these days. I never noticed before,” she said with a mischievous smile. I was surprised she’d ever even looked at me before or knew my name.

I could feel my face redden. “Hi Sandi. How’s it going?” I was hot and sweaty and probably didn’t smell the best, so I kept my distance.

“I’d be doing a lot better if I didn’t have this damn math homework to do. I was just taking a break from it. I didn’t pass math this year, so I’ve got to make it up over the summer. Hey, Brian, would you like something to drink? You look like you could use it. Do you like Sprite?”

“Yeah, sure. Thanks.”

She got up then. I watched her as she went into the house. Man, what a body she had. Such a firm, perky ass. I started getting a hardon, so I sat down at the table so it wouldn’t be so obvious.
I glanced at her math book—Basic Algebra. There was also an open notebook and a pencil. She had been doing a few problems involving factoring quadratic equations and had made a few obvious mistakes.

Math came easily to me. I never had to study or do the homework. In class, I would learn a concept, and then I could just do it. I usually got 100 on all my math tests. It was a different story with my other subjects. My grades were okay, but not great—mostly Bs but always an A in math and English. The problem was that I hated to study. In subjects that were more fact based and required memorization of facts, like social studies, I tended not to do as well.

I did well in English because I was a reader. I loved to read and always had a novel going. I preferred this over watching TV, although I liked sci-fi shows like the Star Trek series.

Sandi returned soon with two cans of Sprite and handed me one.
“Thanks,” I said and then proceeded to down about half of it in one long pull. I stifled a burp and said, “I sure needed that.”

“I could tell.”

I didn’t want to be obvious about it, so I waited until she raised her can to take a sip before I stared at her chest. It was a skimpy bikini she wore, and boy did she fill it out well. I scooched further under the table.  I think she knew what I was doing because that mischievous grin returned.

I picked up her math notebook and said, “I happened to notice you got this problem a little wrong. It looks like you added 3 instead of subtracting it.”

“Yeah, I really suck at math. It just makes no sense to me. I can do some of the computation problems, but the word problems get me every time. I don’t think I’ll ever pass math.”

I had a sudden brainstorm. “I could help you. I could tutor you.”


“Yeah. I wouldn’t even charge you anything.”

“Now why would you do that? Of course I would pay you. Well, my mom would anyway. You really mean it?”

“Sure. I know algebra really well. Geometry and trig too. I don’t know calculus yet, but I know all the rest.”

“We’ve got a test the day after tomorrow, and I could sure use the help. My mom’s worse than me at math, and my dad travels a lot, plus he’s a terrible explainer, and he gets very impatient with me. You want to come over tonight?”

“Uh, sure.” I was supposed to go to the movies with Derek and a couple of others, but I was positive they'd  understand when I told them the reason for canceling. “Like, 7:00 maybe?”

“Yeah, that's perfect. Thanks, Brian.”

“You’re welcome. I guess I’d better get back to mowing now, or Derek will think I’m a slacker. He’s probably waiting for me out front right now. Hey, I’ll see you tonight, and thanks for the drink.”

She winked at me. I turned around then and walked back to my mower. Wow! One of the hottest girls in school, and I was going to be her tutor!

I finished up in the backyard, sneaking peeks at Sandi as often as I could. When I was all done, I waved goodbye to her as I headed back around front. Derek was now across the street mowing a different neighbor's lawn, and I joined him.

When he saw me, he stopped his engine. “Took you long enough. What the hell were you doing back there?”

“Talking with Sandi. She was sun-bathing in a little, tiny bikini.”

“No shit! And she lowered herself to talk to you?”

“What’s so surprising about that?”

“You’re not quite in her league, pal.”

“I’ve got a date with her tonight.”

Derek gaped at me. “What are you talking about? You’re going out on a date with Sandi MacReady? I don’t believe it.”

“Well, we’re not really going out. She invited me over to her house.”

“You’re full of shit. I don’t believe you for a minute. Besides, we’re going to the movies tonight with Buddy and Phil.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to take a raincheck on that. Priorities, you know.”

He looked at me closely, and I just stared back at him. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Damn straight.” I held his gaze for a few seconds, and then I couldn’t help grinning. “I’m going over there to tutor her in math. She has to make up the class this summer.”

“I knew it! That’s no date, you dork.”

“Hey, I get to spend a few hours with the hottest girl in 10th grade. That’s good enough for me.”

He smiled and shook his head as he mounted his mower, and we went back to work.



Brian Kendrick: The narrator of the story. At the beginning of the story, he is 12 years old and in 6th grade in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Francine (Fran) Kendrick: Brian's older sister. She is 18 at the beginning of the story and goes to junior college, where she studies law enforcement.

Chloe: Brian and Fran's cat.

Sandi MacReady: She is a pretty blond and Brian's crush in high school.

Derek Shafer: Brian's best friend and lawn mowing partner.

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