Biographical Poetry posted June 2, 2024

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Fifth poem after DDay - written May 10, 2024

Again ...

by Melodie Michelle

There were times I really didn't know if I could do this again but there was no other option for me ...
Again ...
they took you
from me
to the hell
hole we despise ...
on trumped up allegations
which don't
help with
all your
"so called"
and their
vicious vibes ...

Again ...
we will have
to rely on
just talking
on the phone
and writing
letters for each of us
to see ...
but it won't
cause us
not to believe ...

Again ...
we will ache
and miss
each other
so much
wishing we
could kiss
and hug ...
but that
won't make
us sweep
any of this
under the rug ...

Again ...
we will
believe God
to answer
our prayers
because our prayers
will be harder than
ever before ...
as we
to love
one another
and that
will never
be a chore ...

Again ...
we will
get through this
as we stand
united and strong ...
it won't
cause us
to lose
each other since
we know
it is all
so wrong ...

Again ...
we will
often of
long amazing moments
when we
would hold
each other
so tight ...
this memory will
hold us
many a night ...

Again ...
we will
remain in love
as long
as this lasts ...
beyond what
our enemies
would rather
but to hell
with them
and they will eventually grasp ...

We will not be moved
We will stand strong and united as one ...
We will overcome
They will not win
and home to me
you will soon come ...

... Again

My boo was arrested May 7, 2024 for forfeiture of bond when he arrived at his probation appointment, they got him. Here we go again, I thought to myself! We have proof that it was a set up but this hillbilly good ole boy county we live in is so corrupt.

I wrote this with a heavy heart. Here we go again I said to myself but whatever comes our way God will handle it! Please keep us both in your prayers because his sister is trying to evict me out of his house but it's in their mother's name. Long story short, I go to court June 4th for the eviction hearing.
UPDATE: the judge ruled in my favor telling me I can live here if I put the bills in my name which I have! Pray I get a remote job soon.

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