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Let us go to Grandmas house

A chapter in the book Children young and old

Grandmas Around the World

by Debi Pick Marquette

Let's all go to grandma's house, where we have lots of fun

Treasure hunts and lots of games, we’re always on the run

Her love is always special and it’s different from the rest 

Grandma thinks I’m pretty great, but I think she’s the best

Let's all go to Grammy's house, her love for us is rare

She's so good to all of us and people everywhere

She never had a girl before, she always had just boys

But Grammy loves us all the same, we're who she most enjoys

When we last saw Amoomma’s house, it was a while ago

She came to see us here and was amazed at how we grow

Our time together always is the best in every way  

We know for sure that we’ll be back to see her soon one day.

Let's all go to Nana's house to have a barbecue 

All my cousins will be there, and we’ll have quite a crew

We all dress up in costumes and we have our own parade

When we are done, had lots of fun, she gives us lemonade 

We will go to Baba's house, a lot more once she moves

We can see her anytime, and we know she approves

Even when she wasn't close, we still could see her smiles

The love she put in messages were sent across the miles

Lets all go to meme's house, cause she's such a delight

With all her super powers, she can shine her love so bright

 Sneaks us treats, reads to us and gives an extra hug

Then she tells us all about her heartstrings that we tug

Grandmas all around the world, they have so much to give

No matter your location, her sweet heart is where you live

Whether she is Nani, Abuela, or Grandmum

You’ll always want to go to where your lovely Grand is from

Children's Rhyming Poem writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem for a child.



I tried to use the countrys from where there's the most grandmas here
Nana- Australia Canada, Ire
Ammoomma- india
Grandmum, Nani are others used around the world
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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