General Poetry posted May 8, 2023

This work has reached the exceptional level
The horrors of war disgust and frustrate us all.

As I Sip on My Chardonnay

by Barry Penfold

I closed my eyes to dream a dream
But instead a nightmare intervened
As if it were necessary, that I see
A scene that was far away from me.
Hey, but I am okay
As I sip on my chardonnay.

Darkness that never seems to end
No light can transcend
A symphony of Screaming Drones
Drown out the cries of children and parents alike
Hey, but I am okay
As I sip on my chardonnay.

Eighty four missiles arrived tonight
Twenty four dead, others cling on
To what is no life
just continual strife.
Hey but I am okay
As I sip on my chardonnay.

Rescue vehicles try their best
All desperately need a rest
But that will not come, they know
Things will be worse ,come the snow.
Hey, but I am ok
As I sip on my chardonnay.

Peace plans are often drawn
But nothing is done
Except to fire a gun
as if it is some kind of fun
Hey, but I think I am ok
as I sip on my chardonnay.

How long can this go on?
Too long most agree.
As Putin makes another decree
To set his world free, from these "nazi's."
Hey, but I think I am ok
As I sip on my chardonnay.

Billions are spent
As troops are almost done
But they all delight in a new type of gun.
Boys are dead, never to be men
and I am no longer ok
As I sip on my chardonnay

Children are stolen, to learn a better way
And to wave a flag of prosperity
As the bombs keep falling,
the tanks keep rumbling
and I am no longer ok
as I sip on my chardonnay

With the news turned off
I locate my green beret
Older I am but I know how to fight
So I have made a call, and fly out tonight
Hey, but I will be ok
As I have my last sip of chardonnay.

Free Form Poetry Contest contest entry



We all sympathize with the victims of war and want to do more to help. Very few have the knowledge and ability to do so. But those who do, face an even greater dilemma . Do they or do they not?
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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