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This work has reached the exceptional level
A detailed account of my son's accident.

A chapter in the book Taste of My Reality

Accidentally Yours?

by Ricky1024

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Follows with Another Amazing and Incredible Journey Entitled,
"April Fool's Day"
(The Jokes on Me)
"Accidentally Yours"
Transmission from Above with Love
Written on March 31st, 2003
By Jason Richard Smrkovsky
Copyright © Fanstory
'All Rights Reserved'

I still so remember my first meeting with Brian Cole.
I was in 4th grade 1994.
My teacher at the time.
(Miss Henderson)
Took a picture of the two of us.
We had our arms around each other and we were friends.
My dad would take me over there after school.
Three times he would take me.
And three times Brian would meet my dad at the door.
And together when you walk upstairs to play in Brian's room.
My dad felt funny about that.
There was never an old adult to answer the door?
So, my mother put an end to this and eventually.
Eleven years would pass.
It's funny when you're young.
Yes, how quickly time will pass.
As if you don't even have a clue?
How to live your life in what to do?
And two years later.
My dad would buy and surprise me!
Yes, with a "Pearl Drum Set"
All Marron as a gift for graduating Sixth grade.
I quickly took to this and enjoyed it immensely.
Again friend, as time would pass.
I would add to the set.
Yes, working with dad.
I enjoyed many concerts at the local High School.
(Southern Regional)
And, I also started my own band!
At this point I was becoming a man.
Dad bought the electric guitar and I gave it to my friend Joey.
I even started cutting my own music!
(Jason's Hot Shit!)
$1.00 a CD.
Yea, I was becoming "Da Bomb."
Also, I started playing the keyboards.
And now Dad's Fanstorians friends.
We have to get to the main reason.
The main reason this is being posted.
March 31st, 2003.
This was the day my family would celebrate my oldest sister Nikki's birthday.
Nikki would be turning twenty-Seven. And, of course there would be a Wrestling WWF pay for view!
Even though Nikki's birthday is on the 27th of March.
That was the day for the Pay for View.
Since this is that Nikki's father's house and she is my step sister.
Mom and dad stayed home.
My natural and older sister Corinne Alexis.
Whom had just started Douglas college at Rutgers, New Jersey.
Would be rushed to this hospital by my parents friends.
Beverly and John Morey.
You have to realize this was the year that the movie Entitled,
"Fast and Furious" came out.
You also have to realize that Brian Cole. Yes was not the same Brian I knew over a decade ago.
Nobody wanted to be around.
Brian and his mother and father gave all the attention to the younger brother.
As such causing Brian a lot of grief and pain.
As a result, of course, the mother would buy him his gifts.
Yes, and on his birthday when he turned seventeen, he got the Ford Mustang convertible.
The Ford Mustang convertible that was previously raced professionally.
The Ford Mustang convertible raced at Atco raceway in Atco, New Jersey.
Now it would be turned into a weapon.
A missile of Vast Destruction.
Yes, within the grasp of a mentally ill 17-year-old.


Of course and unfortunately, the car would be purposely crashed into a telephone pole at over 100 mph.
With the main idea of total death for both of us.
But what you have to realize is that God works in very strange and mysterious ways.
After they extracted. Brian with the "Jaws of Life."
And then two firemen pulled me out the passenger window after smashing it. We were both loaded into an awaiting helicopter.
To be air lifted to the Atlantic City Trauma hospital in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Along the way.
I would have a Heart-Attack.
But God would bring me back!
Seventeen long, hours later....
I can only tell you what my dad would tell you.
Because I was in the deep coma, *Raccooned, with umbilical fluid draining from my ears.
Now keep focused and please don't cry.
Just because Brian was out of his head.
I was not dead. I'm looking for
God knows I needed to not die.
Yes, and on my way to being permanently "Brain Dead."
Note: They say that sometimes people in comas.
Yes, can still make out shadows and hear partial noises.
Now if you're still with?
After they pulled me out of that death car.
My dad got scared and screamed my name Jason.
I did not answer him but I heard him.
And yes, Seventeen hours later?
A decision would have to be made what to do with me?
What to do about somebody?
Somebody who was getting ready?
Somebody was getting ready to start his career?
Somebody was getting ready to start his career as an auto mechanic.
And, going to Brookdale Vocational school in Bricktown, New Jersey.
God, what to do about somebody who had started his band?
Yes, and was looking forward to continuing it?
God, what to do with somebody who was only a junior?
And, never would even have a chance to graduate High school?
Yes, let alone go to Vocational School and maybe even college?
Yes, like my two sisters Nikki and Corrine?
Now please realize and listen?
Now, exactly at this moment in time?
God, what about my future?
What to do with somebody who would never have a chance to marry nor have a child?
You wanted to know the name of my band?
Yes, I did cut my own CDs about a dozen.
(Jason's Hot Shit!)
And, the title of my band?
And, the picture that I had drawn on August 2002?
"Three Ways to Save"
Note: On this day of April 1st 2023 .
Twenty years has passed since I donated my son Jason's Heart and Lungs.
His Liver and his set of kidneys.
In order to save four human beings.
Yes, Twenty years has passed!
Yes, and three out of four still are living!
Living to this very moment in time!
To learn more about the Miracle of 'Organ-Tissue Donations?'
Simply contact my dad's best friend.
Lara S. Moretti the L.S.W. with
"The Gift of Life!"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at
1- 800- DONORS-1.
"And, the Beat Goes On!"
Jason Richard Smrkovsky
November 5th, 1984~
March 31st, 2003.
Organ's Graciously donated to the Four on April 1st, 2003.
(April Fool's Day)

*Raccooned: noun
A condition in which the person with severe brain injuries.
Yes, to the head which is swollen.
Eyes which also are swollen, closed, black and blue.
Similar to being severely beaten up in a Prize fight.
Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Only Son Jesus Christ.
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this Talented Artist and Amazing Writer, Dr. Ricky 1024
And, his Incredible Picture Entitled,
"Just Jay"
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