General Poetry posted March 26, 2023

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Encouragement is Key

We Have Each Other's Back

by Debi Pick Marquette

I will not dwell on times that weren't as blessed as they are now

I'd rather wish some happiness, some joy to all somehow

I'll never wear a kick me sign, that once showed what I lack

Jesus paid it all; my heart is all that He wants back

I'd love to sprinkle love and peace, on top of each rainbow

Then underneath, quote poetry, how much more it will glow 

It's wonderful to write with friends, who give valued feedback 

But kindness is essential; judging just feels like a hack

I'm honest about who I am, and what you see you get

A past of childhood incest, I wish I could forget

Some led to my addictions, like a train going off the track

That's when I found my faith and knocked the monkey off my back

We go through rough times in our life, when things do not seem fair

And when we lose our loved ones, it's the worst kind of despair

But life's not picture perfect, like those moments from Kodak

We can't appreciate the white, if we don't see the black

There are things I haven't shared, 'cause I have not known long

I can't give in to weaknesses, forfeiting what is strong

I tend to run away from things; an area I slack

Each moment's closer to the end, and we can't get it back 

God sent me on this journey, to this great writing buffet

If it's important to our life, it's more so for each day

Where respect is a priority; injustice will attack  

I love this second family, who has each other's back

Poem of the Month contest entry



When my mom was alive, she would say wise things all the time that used to go way over my head. But now they make sense. Such as that she loved being a cheerleader because she could crawl onto the backs of others and before long, she knew who would support her best and who would let her down. But once she got to the top, she could see how clear it was that some let themselves down by expecting the supporters to do all the work. It is true that God helps those who help themselves. Therefore reaching out to others in times of need and also reaching to them when you see there is a need you can help with. To my dear friends, I am here for you always, and I thank those who have done the same for me.

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