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I think I have a bit of a rubber duck problem...

My rubber ducks.

by Kayliegh

I know most children want to go to the arcade for the candy and prizes, and blah blah blah. But for this kid, it's all about the duck play-till-you-win- claw machines!
There's just something about rubber ducks, and I don't know what.
Maybe it's all the fabulous designs and shapes. Perhaps it's because of how easy it is to get them, but whatever it is, I certainly love collecting them!
It may seem weird, but real websites are dedicated to making collectible ducks, which obviously makes enthusiasts like me very happy.
I see those websites, and I feel heard. I feel seen.
(Obviously, that was just a joke, but it does actually delight me to know that there are other weirdos like me out there.)
Now it probably wouldn't be my guilty pleasure if I just had a couple, but in the year's (and I do mean year's.) That I have been a proud enthusiast, I have collected:

15 red ducks.

16 pink ducks.

Six orange ducks.

Six yellow ducks.

13 green ducks.

15 blue ducks.

Six purple ducks.

Four brown ducks.

Ten gold ducks. (Two of which are coated in actual gold leaf, thanks mom!)

Four silver ducks.

Two gray ducks.

Three black and white ducks.

Two black ducks.

Seven collectible ducks.

For a grand total of 103 rubber ducks!

Which is maybe a little bit more than most kids, but hey you know, some kids hoarĂ¢?"I mean, collect rubber ducks. Some kids don't, everyone is different!
I did get most of these from a true blue, actual arcade machine!
But of course some of them my parents have bought for me, and unfortunately you can't win the collectibles. (At least as far as I know, but please tell me if you know anywhere where you can!)
I was absolutely ecstatic whenever I found the website filled with different nerdy rubber ducks.
Now you're probably (not) asking yourself which out of all 103 is my favorite duck?
That honor goes to my collectible dark knight joker duck, which my amazing parents got me for Christmas!
I went through a 'joker' phase after I watched the first Dark Knight in my art, where all I drew was the joker, so my parents decided to get me a joker duck.
Now I know you can buy fifty rubber ducks in bulk or something like that, but that takes away the experience, you know?
The real fun is knowing you earned the duck by winning it through a claw machine.
I still buy a few here and there (and my parents get me some for holidays), but other than that, I try to win as many as possible from the arcade. Thanks for listening to my guilty pleasure, and hey, what can I say? The best part isn't the journey but the ducks you hoard along the way.

My Guilty Pleasure contest entry

Please let me know if you to, have a thing for ducks! We, as a duck community must stand together!
No duck left behind!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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