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Do either, Ali or Cord admit to love?

A chapter in the book Quiet Lawyer

Quiet Lawyer Chapter 30

by barbara.wilkey

Nothing mends a broken heart, like someone wonderful giving you theirs. Will Cordero give his heart to Alexandra? If he does, will she accept it? Will Alexandra discover who she is?
Cordero and Alexandra met 63 days ago.


"I understand. If you're looking for Cord, he's gone back to his place." Rosa paused. "Would you like some breakfast?"

Alexandra shook her head. "No thank you. My stomach's upset."

"Then we'll go straight to the airport." On the way, Rosa said, "You don't look like someone who's excited about returning home."

"I'm not."

"I understand about your client, but why are you staying? You're more than welcome to return."

The tears flowed heavily. "Cord doesn't want me here."

"What?" Rosa's voice rose. "I don't understand. Cord's heartbroken that you're leaving. Jorge sent Jim and Bob to watch him, so he doesn't do anything stupid. There's nothing worse than a heartbroken cowboy."

"Why didn't he ask me to stay? I was waiting and praying he would, but he didn't."

"He wants you to stay because you want to, not because he wants you too."

Alexandra was silent as the tears flowed.


Chapter 30

Tonia finished her call with Rosa and watched her daughter get off the family jet and walk toward the waiting limousine. When Alexandra stood in front of her, they hugged.

Anthony retrieved her luggage and then stood back and let mom and daughter talk. Tonia asked, "What's wrong? You don't appear happy to be home."

"Cord and I broke up. He doesn't want me to return."

"Really? That's not what I heard." When Alexandra's eyes widened, Tonia continued, "I heard he's heartbroken because you didn't want to stay."

"I gave him opportunities, but he never asked or implied he wanted me around."

"His male ego got in the way so he wouldn't ask." Tonia nodded for Anthony to open the car door. As they climbed inside, she said, "I heard there's a single cowboy auction Friday and Rosa signed Cord up."

"Mom, it has nothing to do with me. I'm here and he's there. Lobo has plenty of women who want to bid on him. They're standing in line hoping for a date. It won't take him long to find somebody else."

A week later, as Alexandra's jet landed in Lobo, Texas, Tonia called Rosa. "Ali just landed. It's up to you."

"I've got this."

Cordero was the final cowboy to be auctioned. He waited offstage as his mom walked to him. "Mom, it's not too late to call this off."

"It'll do you good. I'm sure you'll bring in a lot of money." She adjusted his shirt collar as she dropped something into his front left shirt pocket.

"Mom, cut it out." Cordero brushed his mom's hands away. "You're acting stranger than normal."

When his name was called, Cordero walked to center stage.

The auctioneer, Hank, called out the bids. When they stopped at $150, he called, "$150 going once. $150 going twice..."

"One thousand dollars," interrupted a female voice. As Alexandra entered the high school auditorium, she waved cash above her head.

Hank glanced up. "Ma'am, we don't deal with that kind of money."

Cordero put his hand on the stage and jumped down. "I know her. She's good for it." He walked down the center aisle toward her. "Ali, or is it Alexandra?"

"I deserved that. It's Ali."

He exhaled. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to speak with you."

"You have my phone number. You could've called."

"I didn't know if you'd answer."

He raised an eyebrow. "You have my attention. What do you have to say?"

"I've decided I'm not a city girl but a cowgirl."

His stare crept from her heels, moved up her body adorned in a navy-blue business dress, and stopped at her eyes. "You don't look like a cowgirl. I see you're wearing reasonable heels. I'm sure your ankle thanks you."

"My jet just landed. I didn't have time to change."

"Of course."

"You're correct about the ankle."

Cordero hesitated. "But your job and family are in New York City."

"Grandpa and Dad are starting an office in Lobo."

"People around here can't afford big city prices."

"We're working on a percentage of their wages for the fee."

He nodded. "What about your family?"

"We own a jet and can fly back and forth."

"Where will you live?"

"I'll stay in the hotel until I find a place."

"Sam and Dr. Bartley won't be in favor of that. You tend to get into trouble. I'm sure my parents will want you to stay with them. I'm back at my place." After she nodded, he continued, "There are a lot of things in the city we don't have here."

"There's a lot here. You have beautiful nature and all the wildlife you could want. The Marfa lights are spectacular, as are the wildflowers. There are taverns for drinking and dancing plus good restaurants. Lobo even has a drive-in theater and an ice cream shop." Alexandra swallowed. "There's one very important item here the city doesn't have." When his eyes widened, tears dripped from hers as she whispered, "Your touches and kisses cause me to sizzle."

He exhaled and offered his bandana. "Interesting."

She accepted his offer and wiped her eyes. "Cordero, I love you. I could never be happy without you in my life."

For a few moments his eyes stared into hers. He noticed Rosa off to the side patting the left side of her chest. He felt his left chest pocket and nodded. He took Alexandra's hand. I've tried this before. First, she fell in the pool and then said she was leaving. He closed his eyes and swallowed. "Ali, I love you."

Still holding her hand, he knelt on one knee and exhaled. "Alexandra Elizabeth Black, will you marry me?" He slid the ring onto her finger.

She knelt to his level as tears streamed down her cheeks. She threw her arms around his neck. "Yes! Yes!"

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

The type of wedding and honeymoon they wanted were already discussed in a previous chapter.

Thank you Youtube for sharing George Strait and a 'Fire I Can't Put Out'.


Cordero Ortiz: 'Cord' runs his parents' Texas ranch

Alexandra Black: 'Ali' is a New York City corporate lawyer, is a junior partner in huge family law firm

Jorge and Rosa Ortiz: Cordero's parents who own a large West Texas Ranch

Jim: One of the ranch foremen and best friend of Cordero. He takes care of the main house and surrounding ranch area.

Bob: One of the ranch foremen and good friend of Cordero. He works the entire ranch.

Pat Rogers: Bank owner, not a good person

Lester Brown: Pat Rogers lawyer

Sam Bailey: Lobo's Sheriff.

Dr. Bart Barnes: Town doctor

Judge Sean Pickett: County Judge

Tonia and Brent Black: Alexandra's parents

George Black Alexandra's grandpa

Luke: All around bad guy

Amy Harding: A lady who Pat Rogers raped during High School Prom, her son, Matthew

Alan Griffin Alexandra's ex

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This is the ending of this novel. Thank you for your support. I do appreciate it. If you have any ideas about a title, I'm listening. As of right now, I'm playing with the idea of 'The Compromise'. I feel since compromising was a huge question in this novel, it should be in the title. But not sure. It is headed for my first editor, then onto my second editor. It will hopefully be ready for publishing in about a year.

My next post will be Sunday, 2/26/23. I'll start my new novel then, 'Guided by Faith'. It's a working title and will probably change. I'll probably go back to only posting on Sunday's. How do you feel about it? The novels already completed so I could post more often. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you google images for a photo of cowboy auction banner. In this post I made changes yesterday. I hope I didn't make it worse. I've edited this post so often that I often fail to see all the errors. I appreciate all the help. This post is a little under 900 words. Thank you for your kind reviews and the support you've given me.
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