General Poetry posted February 9, 2023

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The betrayal of neglect and false promises


by Jessica Wheeler

Unfamiliar Desperation. 

Pride and knees hit the floor,

Declining in preparation, 

Have I any more to give?

All of me descends,

All but my beseeching eyes,

Eyes that crave ignorance,

To not witness truth before them. 

I pour out what is left,

Soul of threads,

Bared again before you,

Begging to be seen,

You watch as it fades. 

It was sturdy once, I suppose 

A time before your betrayal

My spirit's demise,

The consequence of your indifference. 

I'm growing tired,

Much too tired to replenish,

Still, I pour,

Pieces leave me,

I watch as they depart -

Like feathers stolen by the wind,

I'm helpless to this theft. 

How long...

Until I deplete indefinitely?

Becoming weary,

I stand immobilized,

A slave to what's elusive,

Crippling exhaustion,


At what point do I give in? 

I long for relief of my own acceptance,

Maybe then I'd rest,

Pleading eyes forward,

Far too heavy,

With retiring resilience,

They shift to the ground,

And alas,

I loosen my grip... 

On the cusp of relief now,

Slowly drifting,

Much like the feathers of my soul,

The wind abducts me,

Alongside this crippling wish,

For you to mend my heart,

And save me from my anguish. 

How liberating it is,

To shed this burden to the wind,

The expectancy subsides,

For what you hold captive,

And dangle before me,

Drenching me in ridicule,

Drowning me in contradictions. 

How you proclaim your promise,

And deprive with ease,

I'm nearly free,

From your sting of betrayal,

The ground fades, as do you,

Too distant now to see,

The view of you lost,

And finally,

I close my eyes…


Suddenly I stir,

I search in panic,

Where are you?

Reaching out, I tighten my grasp,

Back to where I started,

In the cycle of betrayal,

Your latch threatens another spin,

Yet, you command my eyes,

To fix on only you,

You and your indifference. 

Familiar desperation.

Betrayal Poetry Contest contest entry

My intention with this writing was to convey the overwhelming sense of disappointment; whether by a situation or a person. A toxic relationship where expectations are created but not met, to me, is the most devastating form of betrayal. When you invest your heart into a hope, only to have it shattered or unfulfilled, the pain can be crippling. There were a few sources of inspiration that went into writing this poem.

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