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What Do I like Best About Her?

by Reese Turner

Does there exist a point which the Bard did not nail?  “Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, shall win my love.” Wm. Shakespeare,  "The Taming of the Shrew"

Whilst celebrating forty years of marriage, my wife and I smiled, raised, clinked our glasses, and toasted. As we set down our glasses, I asked, “So, to what do you credit our forty years of marriage, was it our steaming sex life?”
“I can’t remember,” she answered.

Was that not kindness? To me, even more, it was a golden example of our shared sense of humor.  Laughter, a true emissary of kindness; life together goes much smoother with laughter!
A second indicator of kindness is basic, natural love. Wife and I were blessed with three daughters.  I, having had no sisters or experience with little girls, was lost from the doctor’s announcement, “It’s a girl!” My wife was one of three daughters, but was a real 60’s and 70’s liberated woman.  She tried from the start to follow those new rules. I will always remember the day I overheard her confession to a friend on the phone concerning our first two: “Oh, I have tried! Really tried! We bought them only non-sexist toys. But, all they wanted were dolls. We would visit friends and our daughters would bring other girls’ dolls in to us pleading.”

By daughter number three, truly a late surprise, we let the little girl do what she wanted from the start. All three daughters have two children now and the love in those homes gives me joy.

Pride of accomplishment is another appealing aspect of women. Pride of motherhood is certainly earned through love and hard work, but pride in other accomplishments makes a woman interesting to a man who salutes such things. A great TEAM involves more than one.  It can be competitive in some cases, I am sure, but in my experience, two people working together and contributing to common goals is grounds for celebration and longevity.  They with true pride are kind. And, it works if the man understands who is boss...

A solid belief and Faith in a higher power serve as foundational for a man who gets mentally sidetracked by the distractions of the world.  Most marriages with a strong Faith at center survive. Most with no such foundation, do not. I’m a gambler; I’ve stayed with the odds for forty-five years. Had it not been for my wife, a woman of kindness from Faith in so many ways, I would have little. She maintains a detailed list...

On the other hand, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, a popular, slight misquotation from The Mourning Bride, a tragedy by the English playwright and poet William Congreve (1670-1729), gives balance to all a woman can be.  Shakspeare's Lady Macbeth for example. I shall cover in some detail in subsequent essays…

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