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America Is Great!

by the13thpoet

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This country's Greatness will always be elusive
If our politicians' behavior continues to be abusive
And we refuse to be a nation that's really all inclusive

2015 Is when the debate did begin
About the need to make this country great again
This country's greatness is a perspective that not everybody sees
If you ask the minorities in America they would probably agree

You say make this country great again
But what exactly gives you the gall
To continuously spin and try to pretend
That this country was ever great at all

Don't get me wrong the founding ideas were great
Unfortunately they have yet to come to fruition
You took an idea that was great and infused it with hate
Then oppression instead of liberty became the mission

You think this country once was great?
I'm sorry I just don't see it
If you truly believe in this country's greatness
Please make me believe it

I never saw this greatness you claim
But I'll let you continue to pretend
You say: Make America Great Again
I ask: America Great? When?

You can't say Make America Great Again
If true greatness has never been achieved
And you can believe it once was great
But that's not what everyone believes

Was it great when you first arrived here?
On the native's shores
Or was it great when you decided to decimate
The people and make their land yours

Ask the Natives how to make it great again
And see what they believe
It would be no debate they'll think it's great
If you would just up and leave

Apparently you thought it was great
To enslave and decimate populations
Took the all the brown people and split them up
Between the plantations and reservations

Can someone please tell me?
When was this country ever great for blacks?
Was it when we were in shackles?
And getting whipped on our backs

Or was it great when you destroyed and stole
The culture of an entire race of people
Worked hundreds of years for free, now in poverty
And still not treated as equal

If everyone is created equal then why are
Blacks, gays, minorities, immigrants and women marginalized
For many it would seem this American Dream
Will never be realized

A country that wants to be great
Should provide their people with the things they need
A country that wants to be great
Should be willing to live up to its creed

I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty
I'm just trying to open up people's eyes
That for a large percentage of this country
This American greatness has never materialized

Whenever I hear Make America Great Again
It makes me want to cringe
No one in their right mind with skin like mine
Would want to live like they did back then

When I hear Make America Great Again
You know what it means to me?
It means your ignorant racist ass wants to relive a past
Where my ancestors were hung from a tree

This country can in fact be great
Even though the union is imperfect
But if we can get along, together we'll be strong
Then we can improve and rework it

If you want to reach Greatness
Unity should be your mission
Not partisan politics, conspiracies and lies
To stoke fear and division

If you want to make this country great
You have to make threats to democracy cower
Not close your eyes to potential crimes
Just to maintain political power

To try to achieve greatness
You have to step outside your political bubble
And realize that if We The People don't work together
Then we're All in trouble

Love thy neighbor and protect the children
Make that part of your rule
Make this place become somewhere safe
Where children aren't gunned down in school

Instead of equality, police brutality
Is what you get if your skin looks like mine
It's clear to see equality will never find me
If just being black seems to be a crime

Make everyone feel included
Not just those who are rich, male and white
Instead of pushing us back with your constant attacks
On gay and women's rights

And there's something you need to realize
About all this greatness you speak
No one sees or wants to hear that shit
If they work 40 hours a week but still live on the street

Don't deny what's right in front of your eyes
Just to leave the people deceived
Things aren't the same, the country and planet continues to change
Regardless of what you believe

This continually denial of climate change
Is really leaving the people annoyed
The planet couldn't care less on what side is the best
This change will leave us all destroyed

Instead of looking down
On those who may be different than you
Lend a hand and try to understand
That they're all just people too

Reform and fight for civil and equal rights
No matter what you believe
Let's take control, make unity our goal
Then American Greatness can be achieved

Offer all Americans free access to
Medical care, education and mental health
Forget this trickle down economy shit
And start spreading the wealth

Put an end to homelessness
Disease, poverty, and greed
Don't talk about greatness, but show us
Give us all something to believe

If you want the Bill of Rights and Constitution to ring true
Inalienable rights should include housing, medical care and food
Let's not forget education and mental health
And a living wage so the people can support themselves

Realize we are the UNITED States
We can't let hate and division seal our fate
Be a country that grows and learns, not hide from its mistakes
Then we can all finally say with pride
America Is Great!

Make This Country Great Again contest entry

I know some/all of us may have conflicting views but this is my perspective, my truth. I can have mine and you can have your own, that what makes this a democracy this beautifully ugly place we call home.
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