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best day of my life

Time of My Life

by jake cosmos aller

The Time of My Life

The best day of my life was the day I finally met my dream lady. It was in South Korea, on September 7th, 1982, that she walked out of my dreams and into my life. We met at a bus stop outside of Camp Red Cloud, in Uijeongbu South Korea, where I had gone to start a new teaching job with Central Texas College teaching English to Koreans who were serving in the US Army. She was a college senior, majoring in English and had gone to the base where I was living to apply for a job. Then she took the bus back towards Seoul, where she was living.

The dreams first started in high school in Berkeley, California, in the fall of 1973. I had fallen asleep in a boring physics class. It was an Indian summer day and the high school did not have air conditioning, so the room was hot.

I saw standing next to me the most beautiful woman in the universe. A striking Asian woman in her 20s was standing there looking at me with love blazing from her black eyes. She had long jet-black hair, intense black diamond eyes, a great figure, and a cute face. I screamed out,

"Who are you?"

She smiled and disappeared, and I fell out of my chair to the ground, much to the amusement of my classmates and the teacher.

I told my friends that afternoon that I had dreamed about the woman I would marry someday. I knew in my bones that we would meet someday. I did not know it would take eight years before we met.

The dreams continued almost weekly, always the same. She was staring at me, not saying a word. Except for two dreams. Just before I graduated from the University of the Pacific in 1979 and had to decide where to go in the Peace Corps, Korea, or Thailand, I had the dream. She said when I asked her again, "who are you?"

She merely said,


I joined the Peace Corps, hoping I would meet her there. After the Peace Corps, I took a job at Los Angeles Community College teaching ESL and basic skills on the base. I went all over Korea for almost two years. I finally had enough and decided to abandon my mad quest and return to the U.S. The last time I had the dream, I had just started a new job and was about to give notice so I could return to the U.S, to attend graduate school in Korean Studies at the University of Washington. That morning, I had the final dream.

She said in Korean, and I understood her Korean,

"Don't worry baby! We'll meet soon and be together."

ͱ±ì ?í??ì§? ë§?ì?¸ì?", ì?°ë¦¬ë?" ͳ§ ë§?ë?  Ͳ?ì??ë??ë?¤.
"geogjeong ma, uli god mannaseo hamkke hal tenikka."

That night, she walked out of the bus into my life. She got off the bus and was going to go to a movie with one of my fellow teachers. We introduced each other and exchanged phone numbers. After the movie was over, we went out for coffee. I was 26, soon to be 27, and she was 22, soon to be 23.

As Koreans put it, "sparks flew from heart to heart.

We had agreed to meet the following Friday to go for a walk in the mountains.

The next night, she was waiting for me at my base. I signed her on and she went to the library. I canceled my class after one hour and found her and we went out again for coffee.

She told me she was madly in love with me and that I was her man. I looked at her and said I felt the same. Three days later I proposed to her, and she said yes. And that was the beginning of 40 years of marriage. And the best time of my life.

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Write a short story. The topic is: The best time you ever had in your life. It can be as an adult or as a child. Please keep it clean. Minimum length 100 words. Maximum Length 4,000 words.

Write a short story. The topic is The best time you ever had in your life. It can be as an adult or as a child. Please keep it

. Minimum length 100 words. Maximum Length 4,000 words.

based on our true love story.

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