Children Fiction posted July 25, 2022

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Children's alphabet tale

The ABC Buckets

by Tina Crute

An Alphabet Tale Contest Winner 

Katie and Karlie were excited! Today was 'Fun Friday,' the day that their mom planned a fun surprise after schoolwork was finished.

"We are done with our schoolwork, Mommy. What is our surprise?" Katie asked.

"Your surprise is a game! Here are two pink buckets. You can use these to collect ABC's outside."

"There are ABC's in the yard?" Karlie asked.

"Yes, if you look hard." Mommy explained. "Find something in nature and decide what letter of the alphabet begins its name. Write that on a piece of paper and put it in your bucket."

"What if I can't spell it?" Katie wanted to know.

"Just do your best and have fun!" Mommy explained.

Karlie said, "This sounds like schoolwork, Mommy."

Katie had an idea. "Is there a prize?"

"Yes, there is." Mommy said. "I will tell you after you finish."

"Yay!!" the girls exclaimed.

They ran out to fill their buckets with ABC's. Karlie found an apple for A and sun for the letter S. Katie chose the trees for T and the grass for G. They both put a butterfly for B. This was fun after all!

Soon, they ran into trouble finding things beginning with the letters Q, X, and Z.

Finally, they saw a Quacking duck in the neighbor's pond and an X-tra big rock by the woods. They found all of the letters of the alphabet except for Z.

They decided to go inside and tell Mommy about their problem.

"We can't find any Z's out there." Then Karlie asked, "Can we please still get a prize?"

"That depends." she said. "Did you have fun?"

"YES!" the girls answered.

"What made it fun?" Mommy asked them.

They whispered together, as sisters do, then Katie said, "It was fun because we found lots of cool things God gave us!"

"Do you know what that's called?" Mommy asked.

Karlie answered "No, what?"

"Gratefulness." Mommy explained, "That means thanking God for everything He has given us."

"Know what, Mommy?" Katie looked at her, smiling. "I want to find more things I can thank God for. Maybe I can fill up my bucket all the way!"

Mommy was happy the girls were learning their ABC's and gratefulness too, "That's the idea! We are to show God bucketful's of gratefulness. When we do that, He gives us a prize."

The girls looked confused. "He does?"

"Yes! Joy is your prize! Mommy explained. "That's why you are so happy. He gave you joy!"

"Wow, God's cool!" Katie said.

"He's the best!" Karlie said.

"Yes, He is! Oh, by the way..." Mommy grinned, "I know where you can find a Z."

"Where?" the girls asked.

Mommy exclaimed, "It's time for your nap!"



An Alphabet Tale
Contest Winner

Nature provides us with plenty of reasons to thank God.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Cindy Sue Truman at

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