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This work has reached the exceptional level
They actually pulled off the job.

A chapter in the book The Amazing Heist

The Heist...

by aryr

The team members included Abby (Annabelle), Henry, Sally, Paul, Billy and Freddie. Wives include Belinda with Paul and Lucy with Freddie. They plan to pull an amazing heist. And they did.
At last, the day was here!

About 3:00 pm everyone but Henry loaded in the vehicles. Sally chose to ride with Abby so they could have some girl-talk but really she wanted to get away from the men.

The ladies talked quietly about silly stuff and definitely not about the job on hand. The men were actually silent, nobody spoke. Both groups had their bathing suits under their regular clothing. All of the wetsuits were stored in the back of the van.

They had all agreed that they would strike after the last bank would secure its deposit. In less than an hour they would be rich, richer than anyone could imagine.

The whole idea would be that they would use the van as a change site. A few blocks after the last bank made the regular deposit they would strike. A site had been determined as the strike zone. There were only warehouses on the three- block area. The driver and the guard on the security truck usually pulled over for one last coffee to celebrate the last pickup for the week. They did precisely that.

The car pulled-in front of the truck, the ladies were indeed gutsy and walked back to the van. They had on wide brimmed hats that covered most of their faces. The two guys in the truck smiled, nodded at them and also checked them out. They never noticed the van behind them.

The men changed quickly into the wetsuits and goggles, checking each other for exposed skin. They were good to go. The generator was all set and primed. "They were ready to fry this baby, toast up the day." The juice that flowed was enough to stop a Mack truck. The ladies were even quicker than the men changing and efficiently checked each other for any exposure.

The driver and the guard never knew what hit them, one minute they were drinking coffee and thinking about the babes. The next they were unconscious in their seats. Unconscious because of the electricity that affected their brain but not their hearts.

With the voltage that went through the truck they were lucky that they didn't have heart attacks. For right now they were blessed that nothing went wrong.

The concept of wetsuits was actually brilliant. With no exposed skin, they were covered head-to-toe in rubber. Because the locks on the truck were disabled, it was easy picking.

First the ladies checked out the guards, no response but there was a steady heartbeat on each of them. The truck was a toasted piece of crap. The two guards would wake up eventually with an excruciating headache. Both ladies waved at the men to tell them to go ahead.

These guys did all the work or heavy lifting while the ladies monitored the guards. They cautiously opened the back door, usually there was a third guard in the back. They were correct in thinking that. He was slumped over in his seat. A quick check showed him to be as unconscious as his two buddies in the front. Nothing cracked or buzzed.

They money bags which contained bills and a small amount of coinage were stacked on the sidewalk quickly. This was to allow the coinage to disperse to the ground any electricity.
When the truck was empty, the ladies quickly changed in the van, then went to the car and away they drove.

The men loaded the van, changed and they were on their way.

Abby's apartment was the stopping point and they all stopped there to divide the loot.

Now read further to find out how this affected their lives.
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